Renny Big Brother 10’s "Renegades" alliance of Memphis and Dan may be small in numbers but it’s definitely not small in power. The question is: can they keep up this pace all the way to the final two?

But first, let’s recap: Jerry won HoH and nominated Dan and Keesha with the goal of getting Dan out of the house; Dan and Memphis foiled his plan by having Memphis make a deal with Jerry to guarantee his safety and allow them not to be nominated against each other; Memphis won POV and removed Dan from the block, breaking his deal with Jerry; by default, Renny went up in Dan’s place.

Julie, looking smart in a tan pantsuit, leads us into the action in the house. Julie needs to wear something crazy again soon because I’ve had it with these decent outfits. Anyway, the house! It seems Jerry is a bit miffed that Memphis went back on his deal, and is dead set on turning "friend against friend." Let’s see how successful he is, shall we? After the veto meeting, Renny and Keesha both lament the fact that one of them will be leaving considering they are so close. Memphis says he took Dan off the block because he trusts him more than anyone, and their Renegades alliance is strong. Jerry talks once again about "retribution" for Memphis’ betrayal, and considering he’s never actually been able to follow through on any of his threats I doubt Dan and Memphis are worried. Dan just does that diary room gloating he’s getting so good at. I like you most of the time, Dan, I really do…but smug is not your best color, OK?

Jerry, a man who knows he’s without country, plays the only card he has left in his pocket: Keesha. He reveals to her that Memphis has an agreement with everyone in the house, including him, which definitely gets her gears turning. Ultimately, will this help Jerry? I’m not sure, but it definitely helped Keesha to realize she needs to keep her head up a bit. Seeing as I like Keesha and would love to see her make a move to get herself in the final two let me just say thanks, Jer! Jerry then starts in on Dan, telling him that Memphis can beat him in the final two and generally kissing Dan’s butt. Keesha and Dan then conference about Jerry’s maneuvering and Memphis quickly joins, but all that seems to happen is they cement their final three alliance. Way to turn people against each other, Jerry.

Next is a very nice scene where Keesha and Renny bond and Renny very kindly tells Keesha that she needs to be a mother because she’d be a great one. There’s really not a better compliment than that, is there? I have to say, it’s really nice to see people coming together in the house instead of tearing each other apart, as has been the status quo in the last few seasons. Now, sappiness over because it’s time for commercials! CBS has to pay the bills somehow.

After the break, it’s time to learn about Memphis the "Hollywood player." It seems that what Memphis learned the most in the house is that he needs to spend less time partying and more time with his girlfriend. I wonder how long that will last once he’s actually free to party instead of being stuck in a house. Then we meet his girlfriend Ashley, who is lovely. They make quite the attractive couple. Things then take a turn for the more serious when Memphis reveals that his Dad wasn’t the best guy and was married five times, which is why he went so postal when Jerry called him a womanizer. Things make so much more sense now! The segment wraps up with his girlfriend saying he might be husband material someday and saying winning the money doesn’t matter for their relationship, but it does mean she might get a better engagement ring. Heh. Coming into the house, I was prepared to hate Memphis for his name and the "mixologist" thing alone, but I’ve really come to like the guy. What’s that they say about assuming?

Now, it’s time for the dreaded houseguest Q&A. Julie kicks it off by showing the footage of Jerry falling into the pool. Everyone laughs, and even Jerry seems to get a kick out of it now. I think we’re all lucky we didn’t see the man break a hip. The next hard-hitting question deals with Dan’s near constant teasing of Renny. Julie wants to know: why does he do it? Because he’s freaking bored, perhaps? His actual answer is that he teases his mom and she’s like a mom to him in the house, and he teases her because he cares. Dan was totally that kid who pulled your pigtails in the playground if he liked you. Up in the HoH room, when asked about his staying power in the house Jerry compares himself to Velcro because it sticks. I search for a joke about old-man Velcro shoes but it just won’t come. Drat. He also reveals that the person he would most like next to him in the end is Keesha, because he knows neither Memphis nor Dan would take him. He says all he needs to do is win a POV and the HoH and they can’t stop him! Brilliant deduction. If that happens, I’ll eat a pair of old-man Velcro shoes. (There it is! Sort of!)

It’s time for our first look at the jury house! I love the jury house! Libra talks about not wanting anyone else to win the game because she still wants to win it, but she does admit that she wants April to be the next person in the jury house with her. April does in fact arrive next, and is still in a state of shock. She must be in shock, because she calls being a vote at the end for the winner more pressure than the actual game. Um, sure, April. Michelle is next in the house and storms in proclaiming her "backdoor" status. Heh. April and Libra are shocked to see her, but less shocked once they learn Dan was behind the maneuver. They watch the events from the week Michelle was evicted, and Dan’s POV roulette game goes over like a lead balloon. If anything loses the game for Dan, that stunt will definitely be it. Ollie walks into the jury house next, and says that the best part was seeing April and that he’ll "have her with me for the rest of my life." Yikes.

After that very anticlimactic peek into the jury house, it’s time for the nominee speeches and live vote. Renny’s speech is all about being proud she’s come this far and she’s a fighter, and although Keesha has become a wonderful friend, she must fight. Her "fight" is to tell Memphis and Dan they should keep her because they could beat her in the end, which is a respectable strategy but a risky one for anyone to base their vote on because no one can predict what those crazy jury members will do. Keesha basically says nothing of importance except for her speech to Renny that she wouldn’t have been able to make it through the house without her. Unsurprisingly, when the votes come in Renny is evicted, 2-0. When Renny comes out of the house she revels in the live audience, beaming and shaking everyone’s hand. Hee. You can tell she’s always wanted to be a stah, that one. The show must be running late because they only give Renny one question before her goodbye messages. The best is Jerry’s because he obviously only appreciated how Renny cooked and cleaned around the house, and it shows. Renny’s thumbs down shows that she sees right through this little sexist charade.

Now, it’s time for the least important HoH of the season! It’s called "Freeze Frame" and deals with true or false questions about the pictures from previous competitions in the house that they’ve been able to study for the past few days. Each correct answer gets a point and the houseguest with the most points after seven questions wins. Keesha completely tanks it, only getting two right. Dan completely dominates, getting all seven questions right and winning. Someone did his homework! The real interest this week, however, really lies in Tuesday’s POV competition as whoever wins that basically decides who leaves the house.

Instead of the usual fade out to a commercial, Julie teases us with something "unexpected" for the houseguests when we return and she’s definitely right, as the camera focuses inside to show a sumo wrestler perched on one of the nominee chairs. Unsettling, but not nearly as creepy as a clown or a mime. Big Brother is slipping. This visitor holds a clue to a luxury competition, which involves a trip outside the house and a surprise that could affect the game. Once the houseguests enter, the sumo wrestler starts talking in Japanese (I’m assuming) telling them that he’s "sitting on the information they need." Here’s hoping one of them speaks Japanese! And has the strength and courage to lift a 300 pound man!

Favorite quotes:

  • "I just felt stupid. That was a senior moment." – Jerry, on falling in the pool
  • "Sometimes I don’t know what I am. Sometimes he ends up in the bed back there!" – Renny, in response to Dan calling her his "mother" in the house
  • "Oh my God, I do look good on camera!" – Michelle, upon seeing footage of her in the house

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Posted by:Carrie Raisler