I really don’t envy the editors of Big Brother 10.
With most groups of people, you would figure that in the average 24
hour day, you would get at least 20 to 30 minutes of interesting
footage. Given a few days, you should have enough to adequately fill
the average hour-long episode time slot. Yet, with this particular
group, I get the feeling that they are really … really struggling.

before we get to our own struggles, let’s review! Keesha is the HoH,
and she called out Libra as targeting her but then made the near
nonsensical choice of putting up Angie (because she was aligned with
Brian early on but escaped the fall out form his departure unscathed
and Keesha felt like she was targeting her) and Jessie (he evicted
Steven…along with the unanimous vote). While Angie may talk in the
third person form time to time, and that is mildly unsettling in a
vague, Narcissistic Personality Disorder sort of way, she has not
targeted anyone.  And if you were dumb enough to let Jessie accomplish
one of her goals – shame on you.

As Ollie, Libra, April, Renny
and Keesha discuss the nominations upstairs, Jerry and Dan discuss the
HGs in the back yard. In the course of the conversation, Jerry says
Memphis is the strongest competitor because he’s so well liked. He
could stop there and be golden, but he keeps going, adding that Memphis
is living a "free lifestyle" when he should have a career at his age,
but instead he’s a womanizing bartender. First of all, that seems like
stereotyping, and if Memphis is to be believed, he is head over heels
in love with her girlfriend. Secondly, he’s a "mixologist", remember?

Jessie goes upstairs to talk to Keesha, telling her that he bears her no hard feelings because he has realized what happened. He proceeds to reveal that Libra was the one who pressured him to put up Dan and Steven. He points out that anyone with any sense would have expected him to put up Renny and Dan, and I swear you can see a light bulb ignite over Keesha’s head. He says that Libra is pulling everyone’s strings and orchestrating the house to do what she wants. His argument is simple, yet effective and difficult to ignore. Which is about when Libra and April knock on the door. Keesha tells Jessie to ask them to give them a few more minutes and he delivers the message, to their chagrin. He then tells Keesha that if they could back-door Libra, the house would vote her out and she would benefit from the house being rid of of Libra and Keesha agrees in principle. If he were smart, he would not take it further, but would keep it just this simple. Who wants to take bets about whether or not he can manage that?

Jessie leaves and as soon as the HoH room door opens, Libra leaps up like her butt was spring loaded. She strides into the HoH room and hugs Keesha, asking her is she is OK and saying she was concerned because she heard yelling. Which is interesting, since for some reason, Jessie and Keesha were both whispering, despite being alone in a locked room, but whatever. Keesha assures her "it wasn’t like that" and that she is fine. Meanwhile, Jessie is downstairs, telling Michelle they are golden, that he’s convinced Keesha to put Libra up as long as they can secure the PoV and use it to remove him or Angie. So, how many chickens are in those eggs, Jessie?

PoV Competition
The players are Keesha, Angie, Jessie, Libra, Ollie and Memphis with Dan hosting. Jessie says "I am going to fight with everything that is toe to head in me". He makes it too easy. It’s pretty straightforward – the HGs are dressed up like flowers and half-buried in flower beds. Once they lay down, they have a thin stream of ice cold water turned on over their foreheads. The challenge is that they need to lay there for one hour. The person to rise form the bed closest to the hour mark without going over, wins. Of course, BB tosses in some surprises in the form of worms and compost being poured on the HGs at difference points. Keesha bails on the challenge first, within moments of the worms – barely making it past 20 minutes. The rest of the HGs soldier on…too long, as it turns out. The next person to get up is still 15 minutes past the hour mark – which means Keesha takes the PoV.

Afterward, Angie goes up to the HoH to talk to Keesha, telling her that she has no issues with her and actually feels closer to her in the house than anyone else since they were each close with Steve. She then tells Keesha that she would like her to use the PoV to take Jessie off the block and put Libra up, because either way, she can;t imagine living another week in the house with Libra. By the end of this statement, she is crying and Keesha seems close to tears herself. Angie departs and April takes her place, giving Keesha the chance to let her know that the house is really gunning for Libra. April backs up the general sentiment and is joined a moment later by Ollie, who points out that the fact that the house is targeting Libra means bad things for all of them since they are aligned with her.

But then we see a clip from Day 4 and Keesha promising Libra that she will be loyal to her to the end. Jessie comes back to make sure Keesha will put Libra up, and the tune is slightly sour. He points out the she is doing Libra’s dirty work, jut like he did, and all Libra has done is demean her. He continues to rail on this topic, becoming more and more spastic, as Keesha becomes more and more withdrawn. And the more he repeats that Libra is making her look like a fool, the more she repeats that she gave her word. He proceeds to lose his mind, yells that he’s not able to sleep or eat – in fact he’s lost 6 lbs in 2 days – all because he is in jail. He grasps at this metaphor desperately, saying that he’s falsely accused and prosecuted while the real criminal is going to free. Keesha just shakes her head and says…you guessed it, she promised. Jessie storms out.

Lather, rinse, repeat and you have the rest of the episode. Jessie returns, tells her he can’t sleep or eat and she needs to get rid of Libra because she’s controlling everything, and Keesha monotones "I gave my word". Eventually he drives her right back to Libra herself for solace, who gives it along with Jerry, Renny and April. This leads to Keesha marching through the house and telling each and every HG that she she pledged her word to Libra and she will not go back on it on any circumstances. Great strategy, Keesha.

Not long after, the house goes on lock down as a banner is flown over the backyard. Memphis, Jessie, Angie and Michelle are the only ones to see it and they all quickly agree to say that it said "Libra is a liar, Love Steven". They run upstairs to the HoH room – where everyone else is hanging out and Michelle announces that there was a banner and reveals what it said. I am not sure how he manages it, but a moment later and Memphis is the only one of the banner fakers in the room, with Michelle, Angie and Jessie waiting outside and laughing about their plot.

Which Memphis is twisting, by saying that the banner didn’t exactly say that. He reveals what it really said was "Libra and ‘someone’ are liars, love Steven", however he was unable to read the second name. Libra asks him why the house if all targeting her and he pragmatically replies he can’t answer that anymore than he knows why everyone targeted him the first week – but that’s water under the bridge. He lets everyone know that if he is going to go after anyone – he will let them know. Like he did with Jerry.

Which is when the argument erupts. It’s short, but explosive, with Jerry calling Memphis a womanizer, and Memphis losing his mind, needing to be held back as he screams expletives at Jerry, who sits calmly in a chair all but rolling his eyes. Memphis does make one good point in his tirade – that it’s ironic that the married man who grabbed April’s boobs is the one calling him a womanizer, but it’s kind of lost among the screaming and swearing.

Everyone calms down soon enough, and the PoV Ceremony is begun. The speeches do not come anywhere near the "suck it, bitches" caliber, and it doesn’t matter anyway because Keesha doesn’t use the PoV at all. So, her nonsensical nominations remain in place. Interestingly enough, Angie states that she is going to have to try to get Jessie to blow up in the next few days to turn the house against him. It seems like she is actually alive, after all.

So, who’s going home? Is anyone caring yet? More interestingly, who do you think will end up being the next American’s Player? Will it be a more successful ploy this time around, as it lasts only 1 week? And yet, it still gets the HG chosen $20,000 – not bad!

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Posted by:Jessica Paff