Tonight, on Big Brother 10, the totally unexpected happened! Well, not really. But it’s early in the season yet, right? Right?

First, let’s review: Brian was the first HG evicted, which split the house into those who were with him and those who were not. With those who were not on top. Jessie won HoH and wanted to put up Renny, but his allies told him it was a stupid idea and goaded him into putting Dan and Steven up instead. Dan appealed to Jessie’s sense of honor and loyalty while Steven merely pouted and whined about how hurt his feelings were. It’s sad that those are the highlights.

We did see the rise of a new, secret alliance tonight, calling itself Team BA (Bad Ass). It started as Memphis and Jessie. Then Memphis brought in Michelle (who was already aligned with Jessie) and Angie (who was desperate to get out form under Brian’s shadow and basically just had it handed to her on a silver platter). While they plot about who they want to pick off in the house, Steven and Renny bond over their Hurricane Katrina experiences, Keesha whines that she doesn’t want Steven to be evicted and sort of vows to maybe do something about it. If she wins PoV.

Luckily enough, when the PoV players are chosen, Keesha is among them. Joining her are Jessie, Dan, Steven, Libra and Michelle, with Jerry hosting. Yeah, pick the most hoarse HG to host. Great idea, Jessie. Then again, throughout the sequence Jessie seems like he’s incredibly bored, walking away with a dismissive gesture while saying : "Yeah, so…good luck". Thanks for the enthusiasm! I suppose it had been awhile since anyone did or said anything stupid, so Keesha steps up to the plate by confiding in the girls (who all hate her) that she really wants Steven to stay. Michelle runs right upstairs to tell Memphis and Jessie, and they all start plotting against Keesha.

Veto Competition
The best part of the Veto Comp is seeing all the HGs driver’s license photos, wherein Michelle looks spaced on tranquilizers and Steven is – I kid thee not – winking to the camera. Let me say that again, to clarify: Steven is winking to the camera in his driver’s license photo. For reals. It’s sort of brilliant. Almost enough to make up for how not brilliant the competition is. Basically, the HGs have to figure out common BB phrases using license plates. For example, for "Eviction", they need to spot the plates EEE, VICK, and SHUN from a collection of about 20 plates. When they have their answer, they need to honk their horn and announce "Florida, Arkansas and Maine" to give the correct answer. A wrong answer gets you tossed out of the game.

On the first puzzle Dan and Jessie  are immediately eliminated, with Keesha taking the 10 points. On the second, Steven is out and Michelle gets it, while doing some sort of ceremonial dance. The third puzzle doesn’t offer points, but rather a week long slop pass. However, whoever took the pass would be eliminated form the game, so no one makes the play. Which makes me wonder – if you had a week’s slop pass, could you share it? That might make it an interesting bargaining tool in the house. Which is probably why you can’t. In the end, Libra and Keesha both mistake their answers and Michelle takes the PoV.

The house is buzzing over how Keesha was playing for Steven, and everyone seems to take great offense to that. Making sure to keep on top of her stupid things quote, Keesha apologizes to Steven for not winning the PoV, while Libra is in the room. As soon as she leaves, Steven asks Keesha what the hell she thinks she is doing by saying such a thing in front of Libra. he takes some time to caution her, letting her know she’s making herself a target. She takes it to heart and goes to talk to several HGs, swearing that she wanted to win the PoV not to save Steven but to prove to the other HGs that she was trustworthy by not using it. From there, she makes the first smartest move she could, by going to talk to Memphis and and Jessie about how Libra is campaigning against her, saying that she was trying to save Steven. She uses this as a springboard to convince them that Libra is a troublemaker. Which she is.

As if to further prove this, Renny tells Jerry how Libra whined to her that their team only lost because they had the two oldest players on their side. Jerry takes great offense to this and goes to confront Libra. Which is when things get scary, because Libra has one quick temper. It’s not so much the force of her anger – which isn’t that impressive by BB standards. It’s more its sheer velocity. The women goes from "huh" to enraged screaming in under 10 seconds. From there she is marching up one side of he house and down the other, trying to pin the blame on anyone other than herself, and yelling the whole while.

In the sequence we see her tell Jerry that April was the person who actually said it and then demand to know who told Jerry. Jerry tells her it was Renny and she goes to confront her. It’s a nearly nonsensical mash of "he said" and "she said" and "I never told you" and "you said to him" that ends with them each stalking in different directions. Libra’s direction takes her to Michelle and Keesha, where she announces it as all Renny’s doing. Renny comes into the room to defend herself and the screaming continues, with Michelle and Keesha sneaking out in the midst of it. Not a moment later we see Steven up in the HoH room telling Jessie he should back door Libra, because everyone wants her gone.

Jessie, however, tells him that he needs to get Michelle on board first. He gets her up to the room, but she is a hard sell. She has no desire to put her neck out to save either nominated HG. In a rather smart move (or singular act of desperation), Steven offers himself as a pawn, telling them to take Dan off the block and put Libra up, because everyone in the house wants her gone and no one will hold it against Michelle. She sounds interested, but remains non-committal.

Veto Ceremony
Sadly, it goes exactly as expected. Michelle opts not to use the PoV on anyone, in order to stay off the radar herself.

What did you think of the outcome of tonight’s show? Anyone willing to go 12 rounds with Libra? Who is going to wink next time they are at the DMV?

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Posted by:Jessica Paff