Tonight, on Big Brother 10, the totally unexpected happened! Well, not really. But it’s early in the season yet, right? Right?

let’s review: Brian was the first HG evicted, which split the house
into those who were with him and those who were not. With those who
were not on top. Jessie won HoH and wanted to put up Renny, but his
allies told him it was a stupid idea and goaded him into putting Dan
and Steven up instead. Dan appealed to Jessie’s sense of honor and
loyalty while Steven merely pouted and whined about how hurt his
feelings were. It’s sad that those are the highlights.

did see the rise of a new, secret alliance tonight, calling itself Team
BA (Bad Ass). It started as Memphis and Jessie. Then Memphis brought in
Michelle (who was already aligned with Jessie) and Angie (who was
desperate to get out form under Brian’s shadow and basically just had
it handed to her on a silver platter). While they plot about who they
want to pick off in the house, Steven and Renny bond over their
Hurricane Katrina experiences, Keesha whines that she doesn’t want
Steven to be evicted and sort of vows to maybe do something about it.
If she wins PoV.

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Posted by:Jessica Paff