Jeff_bigbrother11_290 Is there anything that could happen on ‘Big Brother 11‘ that could compete with the back to back lunatic antics that sent Chima and Lydia home?

In truth, not really. Sure, I could try to say that Kevin was really funny, that strategy was interesting or that the intensity of paranoia made tonight just as entertaining. But, let’s be honest. Crazy is way more engaging and Chima being told by the producers to leave and Lydia totally losing her mind were two of the best moments Big Brother has ever had to offer. Of course tonight paled in comparison.

All the same, some interesting developments occurred. The HoH competition was a close call, but Jeff eventually came out on top, beating out Kevin and leaving Michele and Russell as the Have-Nots. Which isn’t so terrible, since part of their food allowance is churros. Kevin laments chocking on the competition and Natalie tells him that it’s all Russell’s fault that he lost because she has absolutely no concept of taking responsibility for anything or accepting loss gracefully.

Natalie also tells Kevin that that they need to get into a final four alliance with Jeff and Jordan. Which is just about the only thing she’s ever said that makes some sense. Then she follows up that it would make the most sense for Jeff and Jordan because she and Kevin have been nothing but loyal to their alliances. Thus, she’s right back to being a nonsensical moron, because she has not remained loyal to anyone. Unfortunately, Jordan agrees that Kevin and Natalie are more trustworthy than Russell and Michele and she has Jeff’s ear.

Jeff wouldn’t mind giving her a few other body parts as well. There is a brief conversation where she tries to talk him into taking her on his Hawaiian vacation, but he tells her whomever he takes he will be doing more than making out with. Jordan gets accused of being a tease and she clarifies that she prefers to wait for the right moment. Jeff thinks that right moment could be in Hawaii, but she says she’ll stick to her guns and kissing and cuddling will be where she draws the line. He says it doesn’t matter because he’s not taking her and she pouts that she would take him. I think after leaving Big Brother, I would not want to see the other HGs for a long time. If ever.

We get another example of Natalie’s pathetically poor sportsmanship when she brags about competing in the World Poker Championship and then condescendingly tells Russell that no one would play as he did if money were involved after she loses a hand. I don’t think I could stand to be around that little egomaniacal freak for even 24 hours. Russell has had to deal with her a lot longer and he snaps just a little bit and leaves the table with Jeff rather than deal with her attitude.

Additionally, Russell is nervous about his chances of going on the block, since Kevin’s lie further damaged his credibility with Jeff. Russell tries to handle it diplomatically, saying that eventually he will likely target Jeff but that in this instance specifically he was not talking about doing so soon. Given that there are only 6 people left in the house, I don’t see how much longer he can wait. Michele going to talk to Jeff and he hands he platitudes about how their alliance is still strong, but Russell doesn’t fully believe it.

Actions speak louder than words, however. So when Jeff puts Kevin and Natalie on the block, Russell is all set to relax, firm in the knowledge that his final four alliance is alive and kicking. Little does he know, that Jeff has put them both up as pawns in order to target him. As long as one of his new four win the PoV, it’s a good bet that we’ll see Russell gone. Hopefully, Natalie will follow him.

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Posted by:Jessica Paff