Natalie_bigbrother11_290Big Brother 11” ends a very interesting week with a jam-packed hour of shifting alliances, last-ditch lies, a live POV and eviction ceremony. The only bad part of the hour was having to look at Lydia in that ridiculous outfit the entire time.

Y’all, Julie is covered in glitter. Julie, you aren’t a teenage girl! Stop it. She explains how the night will go (POV, elimination, then HOH) and kicks it right to the happenings in the house since Chima’s eviction. What’s been happening, you say? Well Jeff and Jordan have been almost losing their collective minds, that’s what. But we’ll get to that shortly.

Post-ceremony, Jordan tells Natalie she’s safe but isn’t sure she totally means it, and reserves the right to evict her if necessary. Lydia has basically given up, and Kevin even says that if he wins POV the best move for him might be to use it on Natalie. Meanwhile, Russell and Michele make a seemingly solid final two deal, and Russell says Jordan should probably take this opportunity to get either him or Michele out while they still can. And even the house 3-3? What a dumb idea, Russell.

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Posted by:Carrie Raisler