kevin_bigbrother11_290.jpgThe last time we checked in on the ‘Big Brother 11‘ house, things had gone exactly as we all expected. Jeff fell for Kevin’s clever ruse, put Russell on the block and Russell promptly lost his ever loving mind.

He did this by picking fights with Jeff and Jordan, complete with threat and chest thumping.  And that last part was actually Jordan. And, surprising exactly no one, Russell – as the strongest competitor – was sent home. When Thursday’s show ended, we were left hanging with an endurance HoH competition that had the HGs running cups of hot chocolate to  giant fishbowls, filling them up far enough to grab the floating marshmallow. There’s hilarity when BB begins a steady rain, that slicks up the ground enough to ensure lots of spills.

Michele and Kevin are playing for all their worth, while Jordan appears to be taking it easy and Natalie? Well, I’m torn. She either throws the competition or gives up when she realizes she’s not going to win. Which just makes her all the more irritating. Kevin believes that it’s his “light and floaty step” that gives him the edge. Whatever it was, it allowed him to take the HoH win. And it’s not a moment later that he’s telling the camera that neither Michele, Jordan or Jeff are safe. I am saddened that it appears that Natalie is.

After his win, he and Natalie talk strategy and try to figure out what will be the most likely competition they will face next – physical or mental – and who should be taken out to increase their chances. Meanwhile, Michele sobs over not winning when it was most critical for her and how she’s alone in the house, repeating “it’s just a game”. Continuing with the theme of sadness, we also hear about Jordan’s family losing their house to foreclosure.

There is less arguing going on, since everyone is mindful to be courteous based on the fact that everyone left could be part of the jury that votes on who gets the money. the arguments that do exists are more silly than serious, Such as, Natalie berating Kevin for not defending her from dragon flies – which she believes bite. There is also a disagreement between Jeff and Jordan over whether a certain fruit is a nectarine or a peach. Really, it does more to highlight the general lack of intelligence than anything else.

There’s a lot of talk about who the nominations could be. Jordan worries that Kevin plans to backdoor Jeff, while Natalie is very vocal about wanting Michele gone. It’s a move that she admits is strategized to keep her hands clean in the eyes of Jeff and Jordan, since at least one of them will be staying. Of course, if Michele stays and Kevin grows some insight into how she’s undermining him, it does her no good.

But Kevin gaining insight seems like a long shot when he tells Jeff that his plan is to put up him and Michele. When Jeff asks him why not Jordan, allowing him to play in the PoV to save her, take her off the block and have him put up Natalie, Kevin lamely responds that it would be a lot of responsibility on Jeff’s shoulders. None of which really makes a lick of sense. But in the end, Kevin sticks to his plan and does nominate Jeff and Michele.

Do you think this is the best move he could have taken? Would it have been better for him to break up the Jeff and Jordan alliance?  

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Posted by:Jessica Paff