Lydia_bigbrother11_290  Things on 'Big Brother 11' got pretty exciting on Thursday, with the coup d'etat power coming into use. Did the drama tonight measure up? That depends on how much tears are worth. Ridiculous, nonsensical tears.

But first, to bring anyone up to speed: Chima was HoH and had put Russell and Lydia on the block, with Russell being her target. She made it very well known that if anyone did anything to change her nominations, she would be furious. Since she tends to get mad pretty easily anyway, Jeff went ahead and used his power to take both Russell and Lydia off the block and put Jessie and Natalie in their place. It's a move even Jessie admits makes good sense. In the end, he's sent home, blaming America all the way. And America happily takes that blame most likely.

Michele won the HoH and her room reveal lets us see her as a blonde and with blue hair. Who knew she had such a wild streak? It's the only moment of levity in a show that offers us unremitting tears from Lydia, Chima and Natalie. They toast to Jessie and elevate him to sainthood, regaling each other with his many virtues. For example, he was so nice, so genuine, never said a mean thing about anyone, prayed for everyone every night and never betrayed them. Thus, they are completely ignoring the fact that he put Chima on the block, gunned for Lydia relentlessly and talked badly of Natalie. Kevin sits in on their wailing, looking at them all as if they've lost their minds. And indeed, haven't they?

In the midst of all their gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair, Natalie heaves a heavy sigh and announces 'Thanks a lot America. You're real, uh…stand up people". Coming from the girl who came in and immediately started lying to people about her age and her personal background, I hardly think she is in a position to cast such aspersions. The truth is more likely that they all realize Jessie was the only one keeping their little alliance afloat, as their most valuable player by far. Without him, they are sunk.

While the miserable 4 commiserate their loss, the remaining 4 house members shore up their own ties to each other. Russell tells Jeff that if they both end up on the block this week and he wins PoV, he'll save Jeff before even himself. Which is easy to pledge since the chances of Jeff going up are slim. Which becomes even more clear when Michele tells them all that she wants Chima out and whoever is next to her is a pawn.

For the H/HN competition, the HGs get messy and have to eat casseroles of gross. On the upside, they are winning things as one big group rather than two separate teams. You would think this would make certain HGs try all the harder. Alas, Chima and Natalie moan, pout and don't even make the effort of hustling their trays to the podiums. Yet even with their lack of ability, the house wins most of the items, only having to deal with slop for one day.

Before the Nomination Ceremony, Natalie and Chima both try to talk Michele into going after Russell, telling her that if she doesn't he will turn on her. Their words mean, of course, less than nothing and they both end up on the block next to each other. Chima takes the news with grace and class, dropping the F-bomb repeatedly and sneering that she doesn't care about the game anymore. Which is exactly the sort of attitude that has made her one of the most irritating people in the house, rivaled only by Natalie. No matter who leaves, America wins!

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Posted by:Jessica Paff