Jordan_bigbrother11_290.jpgTonight, ‘Big Brother 11‘ decided to up the ante by giving the HoH a choice; open Pandora’s box and release $10,000. But, how well did opening the box work out in the fable?

But first, let’s review! Kevin won the HoH on Sunday and promptly put Jeff and Michele on the block despite all his promises to Jeff about his safety. Even better, afterwards he and Natalie meet with Jeff and assure him he is not their target – another pack of lies. Does he believe them this time? I’m willing to bet yes. But, at least he realizes he needs to win the PoV. He proves that by giving us a glimpse of his mantra; “I’m a winner…and winners win”. Stunning, no?

Kevin goes up to his HoH room to find a new door revealed and a card that tells him if he opens the door, it could mean something good or bad. A moment later, video begins to play on the TV, reading that if he reaches into the hole, he will release $10,000. Kevin is unsure what to do at first, but soon enough decides to go in the room and stick his hand in the hole. And then he shrieks and finds out he’s stuck!

Meanwhile, it begins to rain money in the backyard, which Kevin gets to watch on the TV. The other HGs start to collect the cash – a little slowly I think. And the idiocy that comes out of their mouths is astounding. Like when Natalie announces “This has never happened in my whole life!” as if money raining from the sky has occurred to other people with some regularity. Eventually, Natalie goes inside to get a bigger container and hears Kevin screaming for help. She runs up to the HoH room, but is afraid to actually go inside at first. Kevin yells to her that they need to find a key to free him. She agrees…and then goes back outside to collect more money.

Soon enough, Jeff also goes into the house and hears Kevin. Kevin, having wizened up, yells that if they don;t find the key, no one gets to keep the money. Jeff runs all over the house, dropping cash, and finds the key. And then hides it and goes back to grabbing cash. Natalie goes back to check on Kevin and he tells her that she has to get the key from Jeff. Back outside, Natalie continues to get money and smirk as Jeff comments that she must know something they don’t. It doesn’t take long until he’s had enough and runs upstairs with her practically on his heels. She tries to play it off that she knew all along and just didn’t want to alert the rest of the house, but I refuse to believe even Jeff is dumb enough to fall for it. They all go back to collecting cash, with Jeff taking home the biggest pot at over $3,000 and Kevin netting the least at just over $600.

The PoV competition dresses the HGs up as astronauts and separates them. They each go to the backyard one at a time, where TV screens show horrifying images of two HGs morphed together and made to look like aliens. It’s no surprise when Michele pulls out a win, finishing the challenge a minute faster than anyone else. Michele says she’s sorry while trying to give Jeff a hug, but he sneers “get away from me” and pushes her off. Has someone has been taking lessons from the Natalie School of Poor Losers?

Jeff and Jordan pout about their circumstances, but it’s Michele who mobilizes. She meets with Jeff and gives him a pep talk. In truth, she realizes that she needs his protection to take out some other players and she promises to talk to Kevin about it. Jeff pauses to realize that it means Jordan needs to be evicted this week and then agrees to Michele’s plan. She points out to Kevin that Natalie has a lot of friends in the jury house and he won’t beat her when it comes to votes, but if she and Jeff are in the house they can help him take Natalie out next week. Kevin admits it makes sense.

Will that happen? It’s hard to say. As expected Michele takes herself off the block and Jordan is put up in her place (anyone else notice Natalie’s smugness in the background?), but that doesn’t mean that Jordan will be voted out over Jeff. Then again, even Jordan said she plans to campaign for Jeff to stay in the house instead of herself. I think I just want Natalie, the useless loudmouth, gone so badly that I can’t even think about any other possibility!

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Posted by:Jessica Paff