Ronnie_bigbrother11_290 Last week, Teflon Ron proved to have staying power in the "Big Brother 11" house. Can his gaming ability continue to keep him out of the hot seat?

All of Casey's sportsmanship went out the window with his farewells, which seemed to be more about snubbing and insulting Jessie and Natalie than anything else. Not that I can blame him. They're the two most self-absorbed people in the house, and I think being locked in a single edifice with either of them for any amount of time would make me more than a little vocal in my dislike as well. Heck, I'm already pretty vocal, and I am not locked up with them!

Most of the show is dedicated to the endurance HOH Competition, which is themed around graduation since the cliques are no more. All the HGs hang from ropes that swing in a wide circle at varying speeds, sometimes in cold rain, sometimes with a good thwapping from a giant foam diploma. Chima comments that she never thought getting a diploma could hurt so much. Clearly, she has less student loan debt than I. Natalie vomits as contestants drop off — the first five getting consolation prizes, like $5,000 or a flat-screen TV.

Chima takes an impressive amount of whapping before dropping, and Michele loses her pants while dropping, which has got to be seriously humiliating. Well, moreso than being on the show in the first place. In the end, athleticism wins the day again, with Jess and Russ striking a deal that gives Russell the power of HOH while keeping Jeff and Jordan safe for the week.

Jordan's consolation prize was getting to be a have while also having to pick the three have-nots. She opts to pick the names out of a hat, and Natalie, Kevin and Jessie are the unlucky winners. Natalie decides to use her slop pass while Jessie whines like a baby. Kevin is the only one who takes it with any manner of dignity, even after they find out that the slop is squid and squash. Which — gross, America. No wonder I love you.

Russell_bigbrother11_290 The HoH room reveal also reveals Russell's more human side, as he gets a bit emotional over a letter from his "Pops" — a fact that Lydia uses in an attempt to suck up to him later. She also tries to shake things up by telling him that Jessie and Natalie are gunning for him. Russell quickly turns around and tells them about it, adding Chima to the mix too. All three are outraged, because they are easily led automatons. 

Ronnie also tries to get on Russell's good side, reminding him that he's been true to their alliance and didn't put him up when the whole house was telling him he should. But the only person who seems to get in on Russell's good side is Jeff. They both chalk up their earlier animosity towards each other as two alphas battling for dominance. Whenever I hear a guy refer to himself as an alpha male, I feel certain that he isn't. It's like intelligence — if you have to tell people that you have it …you don't.

The Nomination Ceremony shakes down with a little surprise. The house is aiming for Lydia and Kevin for their coasting-along tactics, but Russell puts up Lydia and Ronnie. He says it's because he heard Ronnie talking bad about him and denying having any trust in him at all. That seems sort of hypocritical, since Russell has had more than one deal with Ronnie and vocally denied it as often as possible. He tells Ronnie that he's been acting like a snake … and then defines himself as a mongoose. Which may go down as the silliest sounding speech in "BB" history, really.

Do you think Russell is trying to backdoor someone? Who would you want that person to be? Who will get the power of Coup D'etat — to overthrow the HoH Nominations and put up their own? How do you think that will affect the house?

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Posted by:Jessica Paff