michele bigbrother11 290 'Big Brother 11' The final threeThere are only four HGs left in the ‘Big Brother 11‘ house and  tonight that number fell once more to give us the final three.

We start out with RoboChen, decked out in a baby blue satin track jacket and a hairstyle big enough that it may deserve its own zip code. She gives us a recap of Sunday, which is good because I totally missed it. I have no excuse other than I am human and holiday weekends cause brain malfunctions. What we learn is that after Natalie won the HoH (a last ditch effort to prove she’s not a waste of oxygen) she put Kevin and Michele on the block. She says Michele is her real target, and that she wanted to through the other HGs off their alliance but Kevin doesn’t feel any better about it.

We learned a long time ago that Natalie is all about instant gratification and blaming others when she doesn’t win something. So, she decided to open Pandora’s box and lose the ability to play in the Veto Competition. Way to strategize, poker champ. Her prize is getting to see her boyfriend, whom I feel terribly sorry for. But then he proposes to her and I realize that he’s asking for nothing but trouble on bended knee. Good luck with that, sir.  She says yes to him and then goes downstairs to lie to the HGs about how there will be  final two reversal.

Proving they are smarter than they look, no one believes her and she finally comes clean. It’s another in a string of useless lies that undermine any trust the HGs might have in her and Kevin camera talks that she’s his next target. It serves to make everyone certain that they have to win the PoV. Which is one of the harder mental comps we’ve seen, requiring the HGs to stack blocks between colums of events in otder to correctly align HGs names with those events. It’s clear that either Michele and Kevin will win, and in the end it’s Kevin who comes out on top.

He cheers and then sobs. Michele hugs him but the only one who shares his jubilation is Natalie, who breaks out some Mike’s Hard Lemonade (AKA this decade’s Zima) to celebrate. Which makes it clear that their alliance is back on, making Michele and Jordan realize that one of them is heading to the jury house. There is brief live interview, where Chen-bot asks absolutely nothing of substance. Kevin is happy to have the PoV, Jordan misses Jeff, Natalie had an easy time picking Pandora’s box and Michele disliked that baby most of all the annoying guests. He smelled bad.

Up in the HoH room, Natalie promises Kevin that she will take the heat on the upcoming eviction by making a speech about how taking out Michele is her wish and he’s just respecting it. Who wants to bet that never actually occurs? She repeatedly talks about they will be the final two and Kevin agrees, but secretly admits that he has no intention of being against her if he can help it at all. Michele campaigns to him to keep her, promising to give him her vote if she loses next week and to vote for his competitor if she goes this week.

Meanwhile, Natalie tells Jordan that Kevin is determined to evict Michele. In a private HoH interview, The Chenerator points out how she has done a lot of lying and made a lot of deals before asking who she is loyal to. If Natalie were capable of any form of honesty, she would admit that she’s loyal to herself and no one else. Instead, she says she’s loyal to Kevin and always has been. She also spouts a belief that her lying about her age has helped her because it made her seem “naive and not so smart”. I believe it’s actually a lack of IQ that makes her seem not so smart, but whatevs.

The Veto and Eviction are back to back and live. It’s no surprise when Kevin takes himself off the block and Jordan takes his place. She rambles about wanting to stay but Michele pulls out all the stops with a pair of devil horns to boot. She points out that many in the Jury House dislike her, so if Kevin takes her to the end, he’s guaranteed to win. Alas, it doesn’t help her cause and Kevin evicts her. Natalie smirks and doesn’t say one word about her promised speech.

As Michele leaves, she quips “May the best wo…player win” in a slap against Kevin. In her exit interview, she tells Chen that Kevin likely evicted her because he was worried about how the votes would shake down from the Jury. And then a moment later, she’s talking about how she doesn’t understand why no one really liked her in the house. Perhaps it’s the lack of consistency and amount of contradictions she presented?

The show ends with a glimpse of part 1 of the final HoH, with the HGs balancing on a rolling log while clutching their house keys in a fierce storm of wind and rain. Doesn’t that look like fun? So, who will succumb to the challenge first? OK, too easy – will Kevin or Natalie win part 1?

Posted by:Jessica Paff