Jordan_bigbrother11_290.jpgWe are getting down to the wire on ‘Big Brother 11‘, with only 6 HGs left. Did Jeff follow through on his secret plan to backdoor Russell?

Jeff won HoH and totally believes Kevin’s lie about Russell talking about wanting to get rid of him. As such, when Kevin and Natalie come to him to try and strike a final 4 deal, he’s all ears.  But, in order to keep up appearances, he nominates them both – assuring them that he wants to backdoor Russell. For his part, Russell is worried, as Jordan is strangely quiet and he knows this would have been a good time for Jeff to get rid of him.  It’s a fact that was lamented in the comments on Sunday as well. And while I can see what many said, in regards to Russell being more likely to keep him to the final 4 or Russell being less likely to garner votes form the evicted house.  However, once Russell goes, I think most of the house will be eyeing Jeff since he’s a strong physical competitor. And if Dr. Will, Evel Dick and Dan could all win enough votes to take the money, so could Russell if given the shot. 

Jeff and Jordan’s relationship is on shaky ground as we see them fighting quite a bit. Mostly over how Jordan sits back and let’s Jeff do all the actual dirty work while she just smiles and reaps all the benefits. Which is totally true, but why would she fix something that ain’t broke? And if he’s just figuring out her strategy now, he’s got no one but himself to blame. Still, he urges her to focus, memorize objects in the house, and ask questions of the other HGs. 

He also gets short tempered with Michelle, who comes up to ask him – again – if she and Russell are safe. He asks why she is always saying “we” and how come he isn’t coming up to ask himself. She agrees that Russell should, adding that she knows she is safe – which is when Jeff slips up and says “Not if you are in a team with him, you’re not”. It’s extra damning, since Russell just previously had the experience of going up to the HoH room to talk with Jeff and Jordan and after buzzing the door several times, received no response. He didn’t know it was because Jeff had headphones on and both he and Jordan were asleep, but it hardly matters. 

The PoV Competition is hosted by Casey’s voice coming from Etov to the Ape. He raps riddles and the HGs have to race up a slick ramp to deliver a banana with the proper evicted HGs name on it. When Natalie is second to be out (just after Jordan) she scowls “I shoulda WON!”, as we’ve all come to expect from her. Seriously, the International Olympic Committee should be embarrassed by not only her poor sportsmanship, but her total inability to win a single competition on a reality TV show. Anyway, in the end Jeff wins.

Kevin and Natalie approach Jeff and ask if their deal still stands and Jeff asks what assurances they will give him. Natalie promises that if she wins she won’t put him up – because that is such a likely scenario in any way. The moment he’s out of earshot, she talks to Kevin about how they need to get Jeff out of the house next week. Meanwhile, Russell promises to make Chima’s antics look like a minor tantrum if Jeff backdoors either him or Michelle – because throwing a fit usually works so well. Really, Jeff is going to be a target, no matter what. He needs to bank on his ability to win competitions. 

At the Veto ceremony, Jeff shocks none of us by using the PoV to take Kevin off the block and put Russell up. Russell says that it was the stupidest thing that Jeff could have done, since it means with Russell gone he will be the strongest player in the house and therefore be a target. But honestly, say he had evicted Natalie (which would have been bliss, sure) he would be a target anyway. The real power will be in the hands of whomever is the next HoH. Sure Jordan might win – but anyone else in the house, and he’s just as likely to be a target either way.

Kevin continued to spout the best lines tonight:

“We’ll tell Jeff & Jordan whatever they want to hear to keep us in the game and if they are dumb enough to believe it, we’ll stab ’em in back!”

“The Riddle was about a houseguest who left as a fruit – I’m still here so it must have been Casey!”

Did you agree with Jeff’s plan? With all these Final Four deals flying around, who do you think will actually make it there?

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Posted by:Jessica Paff