" was the most anticipated episode of the season so far, with everyone anxious to see whether or not Jeff would use the Coup D'Etat…and whether or not Chima's threats of production sabotage would go down if he did.

Julie could not look more adorable tonight in a poufy black and white polka dotted baby doll dress with red accessories. She sort of looks like a present. (Seriously, the woman looks so sweet she's giving me a toothache.) She quickly gets down to the only thing we care about: the secret Coup D'Etat power and whether or not Jeff will have the cojones to use it. (Do it! Do it!)

Let's kick it back to post-veto ceremony and its aftermath, shall we? Kevin punked out and didn't take Lydia off the block. This move I don't understand. Is he afraid of Chima? I say not using the POV on your strongest ally in the house says bad things about your loyalty to everyone else, but what do I know. I'm just a lowly blogger. Lydia agrees with me, of course.

Jessie, meanwhile, is just worried about the wizard power. He and Natalie have basically determined it is either Jeff or Jordan with the power, so their goal is to make nice with them. Jordan isn't buying what they're selling, though, which is why I love her. She may be a little slow, but she's got great instincts about people. When Jessie isn't trying to suck up to J&J, he's busy demonizing Russell for not giving him the opportunity to play in the POV competition. Yes, because everyone must bow to Jessie's every demand in order for him to sail into the finals. Whatever, Jessie. Jessie then tries to block Russell from talking strategy with Michele, which only causes Russell to go crazy yet again. This is a good strategy by Jessie, actually, because the more Russell goes crazy the more people are going to want him out of the house. Chima, for her part, threatens to go off like a 4th of July firework if Jeff has the mystery power and uses it to take Russell of the block. Because she's queen of the world! They all must bow down to her wishes!

It's time to get to know someone better! This week it's Chima, and we get to know her through her grandmother and friend's eyes. We learn from her grandmother and friends…everything we already know: Chima is high-maintenance, opinionated, hard-headed, and a girly girl. Her grandmother doesn't like Chima's yelling match with Russell, saying there should be some "civility" in the house, which makes me like Chima's grandmother much more than I like Chima.

Okay, it's the moment we've all been waiting for, the Coup D'Etat Mystery Wizard Power of Death. Will Jeff use it? Come on, Jeff…make us proud…and JEFF STANDS UP!!! Hooray, Jeff! When Julie explains the power, the look of defeat on Jessie's face is priceless. Suck on it, muscle boy. The first thing he does is take Lydia off the block and replace her with Natalie. Then, he makes it a clean sweep and takes Russell off the block, replacing him with Jessie. You guys, I am so freaking excited right now I can barely contain myself. JEFF IS MY (Big Brother) HERO. Let's just hope this doesn't backfire on him and Jordan too bad next week. Natalie and Jessie both give calm, rational speeches. Well, Jessie is as rational as a man can be who's wearing a shirt with a bare-chested picture of himself that states "The Man. The Myth. The Legend." I mean, seriously Jessie? Even ironically that shirt is totally a d-bag move. Unsurprisingly, when the votes come down Jessie is evicted 3-2. Jessie leaves with little drama, except to only shake hands with/hug the people he knew voted for him to stay.

As Jessie leaves, Chima says something ridiculous about "having a talk with production"…and here's where I take a time out to discuss the "live" aspect of the show this week. As many of you already know, the show wasn't live this week but taped several hours earlier due to threats from Chima that if someone used the mystery power to get rid of her nominations she was going to go absolutely crazy on the live show. She's so mature, right? Anywhoodle, the scuttlebutt is that CBS decided to tape the show lest they have to edit out any content unsuitable for broadcast television. So did she go off? I guess we'll never know. Darn those editors!

Now, back to the show! In his exit interview, Jessie blames America for his ouster (you're welcome!) and sidesteps the question when Julie asks him why he slept all day instead of sucking up to Jeff, who he suspected had the mystery power. It's a valid question, but I'm pretty sure no amount of suckage was going to affect Jeff's decision.

The HoH competition this week is your basic trivia about past events in the house. Right away, Chima annoys me by directing Kevin (the first face off winner) to select Russell and Jeff to face off against each other. Luckily, Jeff prevails. Unfortunately, he isn't the ultimate winner. That power goes to Michele, who is someone that worries me the most because I have literally no idea where her true loyalty lies. Hopefully Jeff can use those macho male wiles and nurture her obvious crush on him, because if Chima gets her way and Jeff and Jordan go up, I am going to be a very unhappy camper.

Until next Thursday, my friends.

If you have any questions you'd like our interviewer to ask of Jessie tomorrow, please leave the in the comment section here.

Favorite quotes:

  • "I didn't pick Jessie to play in the veto competition. I know the reason why Jessie wanted to play in the veto competition is because it would keep him safe from the mystery power. Boo hoo. Go get Natalie to massage your back. It's a f*****g game. Grow up." – Russell
  • "If Jeff wants to see me wild animal style, then keep Russell here. Then you'll see a side of me you have not seen." – Chima
  • "The pronunciation is Chee-ma, she likes She-ma, and she's always liked it that way." – Chima's adorable grandmother

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