showmance big brother 'Big Brother 12': And the Saboteur is...

“Big Brother 12” reveals the Saboteur’s identity…and it probably isn’t who you think.

Previously: Brendon and Rachel have a showmance, which caused Hayden to nominate them for eviction; Brendon won POV and took himself off the block; and Annie was nominated in his place

Julie welcomes us to the show, looking gorgeous. Julie! Cut it out and wear something crazy already!

Post-Veto Ceremony Shenanigans
To say that Annie does not take her nomination well would be a bit of an understatement, because as soon as Hayden says her name she goes from funny, snarky Annie to crazy, mean, angry Annie. Her anger quickly turns into over-the-top sadness, and I am officially a little worried about Annie’s sanity.

The Saboteur Revealed
After the break Julie reveals the Saboteur…and it’s Annie, who is most likely being voted out this week. HA HA HA HA HA! Excuse me while I die laughing, “Big Brother.” (Sadly, I’m also kind of bummed because I was enjoying the Saboteur pranks immensely.) She wastes no time letting us know how she pulled off her pranks: she padlocked the door while the lights were out and although she bumped into someone managed to pull it off, and she quietly put tape over Kathy and Britney’s pictures without getting caught. That was boring! She picks her next task from Facebook: place beeping devices around the house to drive the houseguests crazy. Um, also boring.

Will Annie be able to convince the houseguests she should stay in the house? $50,000 is riding on it. She leaves the houseguests a message that the Saboteur escaped the block this week. They all focus on the message saying the Saboteur “escaped” the block, and all eyes immediately point straight at Brendon. Andrew makes the point that if Brendon is the Saboteur, they should vote Rachel out so she can’t do his bidding. Annie then gets sneaky-deaky and uses her inside information that Brendon is a smartypants scientist and not “just” a swim coach instructor to try to convince people to get his ally Rachel out of the house.

Live Vote
After Julie does her usual useless couch chat with the houseguests, Annie and Rachel give their final plea. Annie lays it all on the line, giving a very well thought-out and impassioned speech about how leaving Rachel in the game with Brendon is creating a Jeff/Jordan situation. Rachel, who probably knows she’s staying, gives the typical nothing speech about how everyone is awesome, and she loves them all, and they have such fun, hooray! Annie’s speech does nothing to sway the house and she is unanimously evicted. I wonder if CBS will try to salvage their Saboteur debacle by making one of the current houseguests a “secondary” Saboteur? It’s an idea. Maybe not a good one, but an idea.

Annie leaves the house peacefully, and in her interview with Julie Chen admits she probably played too hard and that’s why she’s there. Note to future houseguests: in the first week or so, the strategy should always be to fly under the radar. So many people have gone home for playing too hard. Annie picks Brendon to go far in the game. When we see Annie’s goodbye videos, Rachel’s sticks out as the most crazy as she comes down hard on Annie for trying to get between her and Brendon. Rachel es loca! Annie gets catty right back by saying Rachel is technically getting her sloppy seconds since Brendon unsuccessfully flirted with her first. Ladies, ladies, ladies. Be nice.

HoH Competition
The game this week is the classic “what does the majority of the house think?” HoH game. If you are in the minority, you’re out, with the last person standing winning HoH. Awesomely, the entire Brigade alliance is knocked out on the question of who would win in a bikini contest: Kristen or Rachel. Everyone in the house picks Rachel except for the three Brigade members. Ha. We know where their bread is buttered. The game goes to a tiebreaker, with Britney, Rachel and Monet competing for the crown. The question is how many gallons of caramel they crawled through earlier in the week, and Rachel wins by guessing 80 (the correct answer was 325). I have a feeling those Brigade geniuses might be wishing they’d gotten Rachel out after all.

Random thoughts:

  • I love the way Big Brother Announcer Guy says “saboteur.” It’s so…snooty.
  • Ugh, so, so sick of Brendon and Rachel’s showmance already. I am looking forward to their eventual implosion.
  • What the heck was Kristen wearing? No, seriously. Someone explain it to me.
  • According to Julie, the houseguests are going to find out on Sunday’s episode that Annie was the Saboteur. I guess my idea is a no-go. How hilariously (and sadly) FAIL was this big twist?!?

Favorite quotes:

  • “Why are you getting upset about some girl that you met eight days ago that is trying to come in between you and something that is real.” – Rachel (the girl who, as far as we know, ALSO met Brendon eight days ago)
  • “Slop, to me, is like an ex-girlfriend. I want nothing to do with it.” – Enzo

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Credit: CBS

Posted by:Carrie Raisler