kevin campbell big brother 11 blogger 'Big Brother 12': 'Awkward City: Population Andrew'Another floater gets flushed on “Big Brother 12” as Andrew gets the kosher boot.

Season 12 is proving to be the antithesis to season 11; where conflict, division, and floaters thrived last year, fairness, anti-climatic house meetings, and strong players are dominating this year.

Even this season’s showmance between Rachel and Brendon is making America cringe rather than coo like they did with last year’s Jeff/Jordan showmance (which BTW has blossomed into a real romance as they’re still together. Can we get a Jeff/Jordan reality show already!).  

This week’s highlight for me was Andrew and his speeches. First there was the weirdest Veto speech ever! Awkward City; population Andrew! When I heard Andrew basically say “I’m coming after you Brendon, but can you save me first,” I actually hit rewind/play on my DVR  to make sure I heard correctly. Oy vey, Andrew! Oy vey! As a gay, I actually see this often — it’s called “over-compensation,” and I encounter it when a questioning strapping young buck feels like his fabulosity is showing, so he over-compensates and acts mega butch. This is what Andrew did (minus the gay stuff) with trying to hide his alliance with Brendon, and now anyone with a morsel of common sense knows the alliance is confirmed.

Andrew makes up for his “whoopsie” by a giving a salacious exit speech basically accusing Kristen of being a snake, outing her relationship with Hayden and accusing her of talking smack about other houseguests. Sparks started to fly during his speech as Kristen tried to chime in, but Julie shut her down with “It’s not your time to talk.” I can’t wait for the next episode when they show the words exchanged while the votes were being cast. Even though I think Andrew is a bit “cray cray,” I actually love him for it and wished he stayed in the house cause he was making things interesting. *sigh*

As the houseguests approach the one-month mark, we get to see personalities emerge like Lane’s country charm and Britney’s sharp/funny criticisms. Yet some have faded into the background like Kristen and Ragan (nothing wrong with flying under radar). If it wasn’t for Kristen’s showmance maturing with Hayden I think she would be entirely invisible, which BTW this whole hiding their relationship won’t last more than a week before the entire house catches on (if they haven’t already).  

Now let’s get to Matt’s HOH reign. I’m kinda confused. Actually, very confused. Maybe the live feeders can clarify for me, but WTF is he thinking with his nominations?!  According to his DR sessions he wants to break up the Brenden/Rachel duo, yet he doesn’t put either up? What?!  Aren’t you supposed to put up at least one to ensure one of them goes? He is a genius, so I’m guessing I’m too dumb to see the bigger picture here. I suspect he may fall victim to overplaying the game. I mean his DR sessions are already revealing a cocky “master evil genius” who’s controlling the house. *coughs* Ronnie *coughs*.

This week ends with a new HOH … well, not new-new as she’s been one already … Rachel wins!! Who will she target? Will there be more smoochies and squeezies in the HOH room again? We will see! BTW, Julie announced the return of a classic twist … basically “America’s Player” all over again. What do you think of this twist?  Sound off at the Poptalk twitter and let us know what you think!!

*hugs and rainbows*

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Additional editing done by Andrew Ermlick

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Posted by:Kevin Campbell