brendon bb 12 320 'Big Brother 12': Brendon the Saboteur

“Big Brother 12” viewers, rejoice: the Brenchel reign of terror is about to end! That is, unless you like them. Then ignore me, because you’re probably sad.

Previously: Ragan is the new Saboteur, Brendon and Rachel are on the block and really whiny about it, Britney won POV and kept the nominations the same.

Brendon is the Saboteur…of Brendon
After Brendon’s crazy POV ceremony speech, Ragan takes his treatment of Britney pretty personally and calls Brendon a Neanderthal. It really was an unnecessarily mean speech, but he did it for strategic reasons so I’m not sure how I feel about it. Both Brendon and Rachel seem pretty convinced that his scheme worked. Britney does seem to be a bit riled up and determined to let everyone know what a jerk Brendon is. Hilariously, The Brigade listen to Britney and then laugh about how everyone is fighting the wrong battle against Brendon and Rachel when they really should be trying to fight The Brigade. It is kind of unbelievable that no one has figured them out yet.

Brendon continues his traveling terror show by getting involved when Ragan says something that makes Rachel cry. I’m not so sure why Brendon is so sensitive when Rachel cries, considering she cries constantly. She probably cries when there’s not enough milk in her morning cereal.

Saboteur Saga
Ragan is excited to get his next assignment, which turns out to be to cast doubt on whether or not the evicted houseguest is actually leaving the game. This one is fun because it will make these crazy people even nuttier!

The Ex Files
It’s weekly houseguest background time, and this week we get to learn more about one half of the house’s showmance, Brendon. By visiting his ex-fiance and her family. Does anyone else think that is really, really weird? Just me? OK, then. His ex, Candice, says that she was the one who broke up with him because he kept trying to change who she was. She also reveals that he used all of the same lines on her, and why is she talking about this if SHE was the one who broke up with HIM? Why are her and her family so strangely willing to talk about him, and why are they so bitter? I don’t like Brendon, but I think I hate them more.

Live Vote
Despite all of Brendon’s campaigning, Rachel is unanimously evicted. On her way out the door, Rachel reminds Brendon he has to win tonight’s HoH competition. In her exit interview, Rachel correctly states that the house got rid of her because they were scared of her game. If only she could have been that coherent earlier in the week and less cry-y and annoying. After her goodbye messages (which are surprisingly non-confrontational) Julie drops the bomb that jury house-bound Rachel “may not have seen the last of the Big Brother house.” Eeeeenteresting.

HoH Competition
The HoH game this week is a rope maze, with each houseguest having to crawl their way through untangling their rope as they go. The first person to finish and ring the buzzer wins. To my delight, the ground is completely made of mud and the production blows in chicken feathers to distract their progress. Unfortunately, this is yet another HoH competition that isn’t over when the show ends so we have to wait and see who wins. Booo! Who are you rooting for?

Favorite quotes:

  • “I want her to stay in this game, because this girl could be my wife, could be the mother of my children, so I don’t mind taking a dive because she’s definitely worth it.” – Brendon (Oh, dear Brendon. Give it a few months.)
  • “It’s pronounced Neandertal.” – Brendon (They thought this was ridiculous, but I thought it was awesome.)
  • “I vote to evict tequila, vomit and $100 bills. Rachel.” – Britney (Whaaaa?)
  • “You got a little b****y and moody sometimes, I don’t know if that’s a female thing.” – Matt (OK, Matt, you’re on my list. I mean, WHAT?)

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Credit: CBS

Posted by:Carrie Raisler