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“Big Brother 12” left us hanging on Thursday, with the HoH competition still in progress. Will Brendon be able to avenge his one true love?

Previously: Matt won the Diamond Power of Veto; The Brigade is in control; Brendon became highly unpleasant; Rachel was evicted.

HoH Competition
Once Rachel was evicted, Brendon was on a mission and one mission only: to kick everyone else’s butt in the HoH Competition. By some freakish coincidence, the competition just happens to be a physical one! Producers, what an amazing surprise! To his credit, he doesn’t just rely on his brawn but literally works his butt off, and by the end he’s breathing so hard you can’t even understand what he is saying.

During the competition, Enzo drops an delicious little tidbit of information that he and Hayden have a side deal with Brendon in order to get Britney and Ragan out of the house. They proposed this deal to both Brendon and Rachel while they were in the house together, which is interesting. Enzo certainly feels confident in this arrangement, because he’s barely even present during the competition, barely beating out Kathy. In the end, Brendon struggles which allows Lane to catch up a bit. His lead is just too much, however, and Brendon takes HoH. Let the drama BEGIN! Brendon’s first decision? To make Britney, Ragan and Matt the Have Nots for the week. As soon as Brendon declares his Have Nots, Britney, Ragan and Matt know they’re in trouble. Well…Matt actually knows he’s not in trouble because of the Diamond Power of Veto, but he can’t act too smug because he can’t let anyone know.

The Brigade Breaking?
Hayden and Enzo do some serious scheming about who is loyal, who needs to stay, and who needs to go this week. Their ultimate goal is to keep The Brigade strong, so they decide to try to get rid of Britney so Lane will be running back strong to them. Enzo does let Hayden know that he doesn’t trust Matt all that much, and Hayden agrees. When Enzo goes to talk to Brendon, he learns that Brendon wants to put up Lane and Britney so he immediately tries to put Brendon of the mindset that Britney is much more of a threat than Lane, and that the ultimate threats are her and Ragan. Enzo works it pretty well, but what will Brendon do?

Ragan, the Lame Saboteur
Ragan accepts the challenge to sow seeds of doubt about there being a secret alliance in the house. He decides to tie that back into Annie’s message from earlier in the season about people with a secret relationship. As people in the comments have pointed out, this Saboteur thing is pointless! He doesn’t even have to really do anything. So he basically gets $20,000 for not being evicted for two weeks while not doing anything to actively mess with people? Dumb.

Double Secret Alliance
Ragan decides he needs to make a move to avoid being nominated, so he goes to Brendon with the offer of a super duper double secret alliance between the two of them, using the cover of their animosity for each other to hide their relationship. Brendon, of course, can only see that Ragan was meanz to hiz womenz, and doesn’t seem receptive to the bait. Brendon then goes to Britney and basically asks her what have you done for me lately? Britney assures him she will do anything to stay in the house. Anything. Including being nice to his face, but totally mean behind his back. (Oh, wait – she’s already doing that. With everyone.)

Nomination Ceremony
After taking in everyone’s offers, Brendon decides to nominate Lane and Ragan. I have to admit, the Lane nomination is a weird one. Lane is positive he will get off of the block and knows he has the votes, so watch out Brendon! Or something.

Random Thoughts:

  • It looks like Brendon’s official nickname in the house is “The Neanderthal.” With the “h” pronounced. Ha.
  • Like I said before: Britney + Lane = comedy gold.
  • Hee hee hee. The escargot the houseguests get are LIVE SNAILS! Like they’re going to know how to cook them. So funny. (The eggplant, though, is delicious and versatile!)

Favorite Quotes – The All- Lane Edition:

  • “I’m not no bodyguard, come on. It’s just Brendon. He can’t kill you in here.” – Lane
  • “We have ropes, we got hay, we got mud out there that looks like manure. People, that’s Saturday night for me. I do that on a daily basis.” – Lane
  • “Britney and I’s relationship is basically like Raisin Bran. I’m the delicious raisin, and she’s going to be the bran. Is it bran? It’s not bran. Is it cookies? What’s the little cereal crap in there?” – Lane
  • “I’m a very calm man, but when Enzo came up to me and said Brendon was thinking of putting me on the block? I wanted to go to a bar, find the hottest girl there and fight her boyfriend.” – Lane

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Posted by:Carrie Raisler