kathy britney big brother cbs 'Big Brother 12': Diamond Power of Veto, new Head of HouseholdLike he definitely should have, Matt Hoffman saved his own skin with the Diamond Power of Veto on “Big Brother 12.” The houseguests looked gobsmacked upon realizing that he had it, but Kathy took being put up in Matt’s place it in stride. She was very gracious.

The contestants were not allowed to talk before they cast their votes, which always makes things interesting. Clearly Hayden and Enzo voted to evict Kathy, but we’re a little surprised that Ragan, Britney and Matt did as well. So by a vote of 5-0, Kathy was sent packing. It’s so adorable how she wanted someone to claim responsibility for the fish.

“‘Big Brother’ Says” as the basis for the new Head of Household competition was pretty amusing to watch. Brendon, Kathy, Lane and Hayden went over the order of these tasks on the live feeds Wednesday night (Aug. 18) for about an hour, but unfortunately the HOH comp was about quotes, not the order.

HIlariously, Britney won the next HOH. The Brigade members look less than thrilled. Ragan and Britney are in good shape, at least for now. Next Thursday ought to be pretty fun, as it’s a speeded-up “Big Brother” week and a double eviction. We can hardly wait.

If you have questions for Kathy, who we will be interviewing over email tonight, please put your questions in the comments below.

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credit: CBS

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