britney big brother 'Big Brother 12': Enzo finally does something!

Things are finally getting a bit interesting in the “Big Brother 12” house, as HoH Lane is forced to make a crucial decision.

Previously: Lane won HoH and nominated Ragan and Enzo, with Ragan as the target; Lane was unlucky in Pandora’s Box.

Post-Nomination Reaction
Ragan is the ultimate target, and he is very aware of that fact. Hayden thinks he is sitting pretty, but Enzo feels a bit shaky about Lane’s relationship with Britney and what it means for The Brigade. Ragan realizes he’s a solitary man in this competition and starts spending his time in the house going over every possible detail of the game and of the contestants’ pictures in the event of a knowledge-based POV competition.

POV Competition

So…I’m pretty sure I passed out at some point, because when we come back from commercial there is some sort of giant singing clam in the backyard by the name of Otev. That is far too weird to be real, right? I accidentally inhaled something I shouldn’t have. It’s the only explanation. It turns out all of the contestants must have ingested the same substance because they are acting as if Otev is real as well.

Imaginary Otev is the host of the veto competition this week. The way it works is he sings a song about two evicted houseguests, and the players must search the backyard for CDs labeled with the title of a song that is those two houseguests’ names combined. (Example: Anndon for Annie + Brendon.) If you’re wrong or the last person to answer, you’re eliminated. Last player standing after all of the rounds wins veto. Lane pulls an idiot move and goes out in the first round, allowing a last-place Ragan to stay in the game. Hayden is too slow and is eliminated next, followed by Britney, which leaves the two nominees to duke it out for the veto. Actual excitement! I almost can’t believe it! In the final round, Enzo pulls some serious moves and comes away with the win. Enzo finally won something! It’s a Jersey miracle! He is appropriately over-confident for someone with one win under his belt (albeit an important one).

Who’s Going Up?
Now that they’re squarely in the sights of a nomination chair, Britney and Hayden work their hardest to make sure they aren’t the one going up in Enzo’s place. Britney tells Lane she would definitely take him to final two, and he’d be stupid to risk her getting evicted. She also lets him know in no uncertain terms that she believes Hayden would beat Lane if they were final two. Hayden and Enzo want Britney up so they control the vote for the week, and can potentially get rid of Britney to separate her from Lane. Lane explains to Hayden that he is worried about putting Britney up because he knows Enzo wants her out of the house.

Pandora’s Revenge
Because Lane opened Pandora’s Box, the house is subject to punishments. Their second of the week is an obvious attempt to recreate the magic that was Brian’s sock puppet theater from two seasons ago by forcing all of the houseguests to only speak through sock puppets for 12 hours. Britney has an amusing moment describing the look of her puppet, but overall it’s kind of a bust. You can’t recreate spontaneous magic, BB.

Their final punishment involves forcing them to dance every time they hear music, which is more of a punishment for us because he have to see the terrible dance stylings of the houseguests. Hayden and Lane cannot dance, y’all. Especially Hayden. Wow. It is pretty amusing that they have to do it in the middle of the night, though.

POV Ceremony
Enzo removes himself from the block and Lane nominates Hayden in her place. I have to say, Lane better watch himself in the coming weeks. If anyone other than Britney wins HoH next week, he is in trouble.

Random thoughts:

  • Enzo “shunning” the penguin suit and giving a speech to Howie the Duck about how he’s not his father? Hilarious. Also: Whoever gave Howie the duck that little hat gets my ultimate respect.
  • Do they not have golf in New Jersey? Enzo’s complete lack of knowledge of the sport is kind of fascinatingly insane.
  • Is Lane’s best shot at the cash really against Britney? Discuss.

Favorite quotes:

  • “Otev. I’m not an English major, but I think it’s veto spelled backwards.” – Hayden
  • “I don’t usually go sliding on KY Jelly, believe it or not.” – Britney
  • “If you guys don’t slow motion what happened, I’m not talking to you anymore.” – Britney to Big Brother, on the crazy Enzo/Ragan POV battle
  • “Dude, Ragan hurls a CD and both the clam and Enzo take it in the face. What a sore loser.” – Hayden
  • “How many different sticks do you need?” – Enzo, asking about how to play golf

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Credit: CBS

Posted by:Carrie Raisler