kevin campbell big brother 11 blogger 'Big Brother 12' is 'finally tickling my under loins'“Better luck next time you big dummy!” is what Matt calmly said to Brenden in Thursday’s Live show, as he whipped out his (shabbily constructed) Diamond Power of Veto and took himself off the block.

My reaction was to let out a “auuugghhhaekkdjjkk” as I orgasm’d in delight to the collective gasps of the houseguests. Kudos to Matt for totally shocking the house, not hinting at the secret to even his gay faux-mance partner Ragan.

It’s been slow to pick up, but “Big Brother 12” is finally tickling my under-loins as the “BB” mantra of “expect the unexpected” delivers. First with Rachel (affectionately referred to by Ragan as a “Rat-tress”) returned to the house and wrecked havoc for a 24-hour period due to Brenden opening Pandora’s Box. Rachel exclaims “I’m back bitches!” walking through the doors and proudly strutting around the house.

My first thought was, “I wouldn’t be so proud to know I’m this years version of a giant cockroach and a giant diaper-soiled baby that entered the house in last season’s Pandora’s Box.”  Anywhoooo, the producers were most definitely high-fiving each other as she delivered drama when her and Ragan exchanged harsh words. I know Ragan is witty, but I am most certain a lot of what he said was previously thought out as he surely was dreaming up what he’d like to say to Rachel if given the chance. Thanks to her return, Ragan was given that chance and we saw what could be the best fight of the season. I must admit I felt sorry for Rachel as she was left speechless, LITERALLY. (Feed watchers know she literally stood there for like two minutes after Ragan left, completely-speechless. AWESOMEEEE!)

The doorbell rang AGAIN this week as a totally rad robot named “Zing-bot” came into the house to host the Veto competition, but more importantly sling (much-deserved) insults at the houseguests. Ragan wins (which he absolutely needed to) and proceeds to cry (agaaaiiinnnn) realizing one of his close friends will surely be the replacement nominee. Is it just me, but even though they played sad music as Ragan expressed his “love” for Britney, the scene seemed a bit ridiculous … like I found myself chuckling rather than tearing up. I think Britney was even thinking “simma down queen, you’re being a giant vajay.” LOL!

Overall, I can officially say “I’m feelin’ this season.” Yes, I know it’s not SUPER drama-filled and the “twists” are falling flat, BUT this season is delivering what I originally fell in love with about this show: good reliable mindless entertainment.

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*smoochies koochies*

~ Kevin
“Big Brother 11” Extra Fabulous Finalist

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Posted by:Kevin Campbell