ragan big brother 'Big Brother 12': Jeff and Jordan > Brendon and Rachel

“Big Brother 12” reminds us that not all showmances are bad by bringing successful showmance survivors Jeff and Jordan to the house for a visit.

Previously: Matt won HoH and nominated Brendon and Rachel for eviction; Matt opened Pandora’s Box, giving him the Diamond Power of veto and unleashing new Saboteur Ragan on the house.

Post-Nomination Reaction

Everyone is overjoyed, except for Brendon and Rachel. Rachel cries, and says her nomination doesn’t “make sense.” Considering she’s already won two HoH’s and has a rock-solid ally, I think it makes perfect sense. But then again, I am not a crazy person. Then Brendon calls Matt a “midget” and Rachel tries to kill Kathy with her steely glare while chopping a salad. It’s all very dramatic.

POV Competition
The houseguests are given a chance to practice the game to be played during the veto competition, and after an initial breakdown Brendon and Rachel stay up all night long practicing. Playing for the veto this week are Brendon, Rachel, Matt, Ragan, Kathy, Britney and Enzo.

And then…something awesome happens! The doorbell rings, and Jeff and Jordan are on the other side! They are just so cute, and the houseguests are just as happy to see them as I am. They are there to host the veto competition, which is called “Lover’s Lane.” The game is something about bowling and challenging another player and a time limit, and must they make these competitions so complicated to explain? It’s been a long day. I’m tired.

In round one, Rachel chooses Kathy to challenge, and is surprised when Kathy kicks her out of the competition. Brendon goes next and chooses Britney to challenge. Brendon does horribly, so Britney easily takes him out. Once Brendon and Rachel are out, everyone starts playing just for fun and the game gets pretty entertaining. Britney ends up taking the competition and winning POV two weeks in a row. Everyone, take notice! Britney is dangerous.

Also? Jeff and Jordan are so pleasant to watch. Can we please trade them for Brendon and Rachel? Please?

Rachel the Bully
After the competition, Rachel confronts Kathy about how Kathy cheered when she knocked her out of the competition. Kathy basically walks away and refuses to listen, but Rachel and Her Persecution Complex basically try to bully Kathy into apologizing. (Rachel and Her Persecution Complex is totally the name of my new band, by the way.) Kathy refuses, with the valid point that she was excited that she won and isn’t sorry. My respect for Kathy just went up about 1,000 notches right there, considering she was basically a non-entity until now.

The Saboteur Strikes
Ragan is ready for his first round of suggestions from America, and after snarking on Brendon and Rachel for a bit decides to accept he challenge of attempting come in between them. This is perfect, because it is Rachel’s WORST FEAR that someone come in between them!  Somehow, this makes everyone think the Saboteur is Rachel, which is fantastic. These people have waaaay to much time to think.

POV Ceremony
Rachel goes to Britney and asks her to use the veto on her, promising her “the world and $5,000.” Britney makes the point that using the veto puts a huge target on her back so there is no way she can do it. Brendon decides to throw himself under the bus in order to ensure Rachel stays in the house, but I’m not sure how he thinks he’s going to pull that off. He tries to do that by saying horrible, horrible things about Britney. Because that’s how he’s going to get people to vote him off instead of Rachel? I don’t know, but that was straight from the Andrew playlist. Needless to say, Britney does not use the Power of Veto.

Favorite quotes:

  • “I told you I’m going to protect you. That’s what a knight does.” – Brendon, to Rachel
  • “You’re so surreal.” – Rachel, in reply
  • “I feel like roadkill just waiting for the crows to come eat me.” – Rachel
  • “We are still a couple, so everybody cheer!” – Jordan
  • “…that was stupid.” – Jeff
  • “She was mad I was happy I didn’t lose.” – Kathy
  • “Kathy, if you apologize to her I will slap you in the face.” – Britney

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Credit: CBS

Posted by:Carrie Raisler