enzo palumbo big brother 12 'Big Brother 12': Matt's genius plan

“Big Brother 12” is proving to be filled with gamers, as strategy both good and bad dominated the hour.

Previously: Rachel won HoH and nominated Britney and Monet; Hayden and Kristen flirted; Andrew is still a spaz.

Post-Nomination Reaction
Britney and Monet hate Rachel (which is pretty much why they were nominated), and Monet even says she initially wanted to punch Rachel in the face. The most frightening part of that statement is the disconnected, calm way in which it was delivered. Monet just might be a serial killer. They have a little pity-fest for themselves in the Have Not room, which is perhaps the ugliest set to ever grace network television. They then turn from sad to catty, calling Rachel a “stupid hooker,” and many more horrible things I refuse to repeat. Rachel later admits to Britney that her true goal is to get Monet out of the house. I say we have a double elimination and evict them both, because they are HORRIBLE. There are sore losers, and then there are just jerks.

Matt the Liar
Part of Matt’s strategy is to tell everyone in the house that his wife has a horrible disease called mel-a-something-I-can’t-spell-and-therefore-cannot-Google. He plans on using this lie to get sympathy and get himself farther in the game. He does promise that, if he wins, he will make a “sizable” donation to the foundation for this disease as a thank you for exploiting all of the people who actually suffer from the malady. Andrew hasn’t heard of this disease, and says that it is not a correct medical term. Then again, Andrew is only a podiatrist. (Zing!) Will he call Matt out? That would be wonderful.

Power of Veto Competition
The competition is Big Brother Stock Exchange, and the players are Britney, Monet, Rachel, Brendon, Enzo and Lane. Each player is locked in a stock holding a briefcase. The goal is to be locked in for an hour. The catch? You have to decide when you think that hour is up, and the player closest to the one hour time without going over wins veto. My favorite part is that part of the way through the competition a dollar bill starts hitting everyone in the face to distract them. Ha! Houseguest torture is my favorite. Everyone goes over (Enzo by only 14 seconds!) except Britney, so she wins POV.

Once she has the POV in hand, Britney’s one goal is to convince Rachel to backdoor Andrew so Monet stays in the house. Monet goes up to Rachel to run the hard sell on Rachel about Andrew as well, and if Rachel takes this deal she is even dumber than I thought. Andrew is definitely not coming after her. He was so happy Rachel won HoH people thought they were in an alliance! Brendon points this out when Rachel brings him the idea.

Instead, Rachel tries to get support in the house to put Andrew on the block as a pawn and vote Monet out. Matt then proves that he might not be a genius after all when he offers to go on the block as a pawn in Andrew’s place. The Brigade thinks this is a good move for their alliance. Well, yes…as long as Matt doesn’t accidentally get evicted. Rachel decides that Matt offering to potentially be voted out of the house is completely suspicious and thinks he is using his offer to screw them somehow, which I don’t quite understand. And then she cries.

Power of Veto Ceremony
Once Britney takes herself off the block, Rachel keeps things simple, does the safer thing and nominates Matt with the clear statement that she is trying to get Monet out of the game. Matt thinks he will gain trust in the house by doing this. Monet vows to do everything in her power to get enough votes to stay in the house. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow if Matt’s “genius” plan payed off!

Favorite quotes:

  • “Andrew’s a shoe salesman, he’s not a doctor, so I can probably outsmart a shoe salesman.” – Matt
  • “I would never wipe my face with a real dollar bill, that’s sickening. I mean most of those, let’s face it, come out of strippers’ g-strings.” – Britney
  • “I don’t think I can trust them, but I think we have to play very strategically.” – Rachel

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Credit: CBS

Posted by:Carrie Raisler