britney big brother 'Big Brother 12': Oops...The Brigade did it again

Big Brother 12” continues its very familiar trajectory with an episode featuring The Brigade winning, again, some more. It’s a good thing these guys are likeable, because they sure are boring.

Previously: The Brigade controlled the entire game, and it was far more boring than it should have been; Hayden won final HoH and nominated Britney and Lane for eviction.

The show begins and I do a double take: we’re in the studio with Julie and a live audience! Did I accidentally fast forward through Julie telling us there was an eviction tonight? WHAT’S GOING ON?!? She quickly explains about the importance of tonights Power of Veto competition and gets us right into the post-nomination goings on in the house. Britney knows she must win POV to move on, and in the diary room Hayden confirms she is the target. Lane would rather see Enzo gone, however. Despite her dire straits, Britney doesn’t give up easily and works hard talking to Hayden trying to get him to believe Enzo is a bigger threat to win the game than she is.

POV Competition
The Veto competition is the typical trivia-based game “Big Brother” almost always employs for the last POV of the season, with the players having to match fellow houseguests’ faces up with milestones that happened in the game. Hayden knows Britney will be good at this game (and Lane and Enzo will most likely not be so skilled) so he knows he has to step it up and take it home for The Brigade. Enzo is the first person to guess, but something is wrong. Hayden guesses almost immediately after and wins. Lane? Didn’t have any on his board. Oh, Lane.

Coming Out of the Closet
Hayden knows he is going to evict Britney and feels like she deserves to know why she is going home, so he wants to be honest with Britney and tell her about The Brigade and how they have been an alliance since day two. OK, now I know why I like Hayden. He seems like a genuinely nice guy. Lane is leery of him letting the cat out of the bag, considering it will probably make Britney pretty upset with him. Enzo and Lane end up telling her in a weird roundabout way, and Hayden pretty much confirms to her that she’s going home. Britney gets very upset, and all the guys feel bad about it. Aw. Britney. Lane was right about her not being happy with him. Or Hayden. Or Enzo.

POV Ceremony & Eviction
As promised, Hayden does not use the veto. In her final plea speech, Britney seems to have forgiven the boys a bit because she says very nice things about all of them. When it’s time to cast his vote for eviction, Enzo does the expected and gives Britney the boot. This is when we all start wondering: was The Brigade that strong or were the other players in the game just. that. dumb? I’m sort of going with the latter, myself. In her exit interview, Britney confirms that she was upset about The Brigade at first, but she’s had the chance to get over it a bit. She also (correctly) assumes that Lane actually wanted her to stay in the house, which he confirms in his goodbye video to her. Then Britney makes a face when reminded she has to go be in the jury house with Brendon and Rachel, and I am reminded all over again why I love her. Britney for favorite houseguest!! Do it, America! (I would do it myself but there’s no way I’m giving CBS $1 per vote. That’s highway robbery.)

Final HoH Competition – Part One
The first of a three-part final HoH competition is called “Rumble in the Big Brother Jungle,” which makes me want to cry a little bit. For the love of all that is holy, stop it with the puns! This competition is extra fun, however, because it involves violently hurling the houseguests into walls. A lot. And then the boys get hurled through a giant waterfall. A lot. Hee. The last person remaining hanging on their rope wins the first round and goes directly to round three. Of course, we won’t get to find out what happens until tomorrow. Curse you, Big Brother!

Random thoughts:

  • Poor Britney needs a root touch-up. Get some hair dye to that jury house!
  • Enzo uses hairspray? Um. Why?
  • Enzo laughing at his stupid alliance name was perhaps my favorite moment of the season. It’s nice to know he thinks it is sort of ridiculous as well.

Favorite quotes:

  • “She will beat us, she is way smarter than we are.” – Hayden, on Britney
  • “I’m looking at this board, and I read: ‘Has only played in two veto comps.’ I don’t even remember who I put on the block last week, and I was HoH. How am I going to remember who only played in two veto comps?” – Lane
  • “If I couldn’t be an original member of The Brigade, I’m at least proud to be a casualty of The Brigade.” – Britney
  • “If Nick wants to punch me in the face after this he definitely can, I’ll give him one shot and that’s it.” – Enzo, to Britney
  • “Meow MEOW!” – Enzo

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Credit: CBS

Posted by:Carrie Raisler