lane big brother 'Big Brother 12': Playing the pawnBig Brother 12bounces back from Thursday’s double eviction episode with an hour all about who will be the pawn. So, it’s a bit less exciting.

Previously: Double eviction night! Matt and Brendon were evicted, in a glorious whirlwind. Who will win HoH tonight and who will they nominate? Let’s find out!

Double Eviction Revisited
Hayden, Enzo and Lane reminisce about the glorious time that was Thursday’s double eviction episode. Once Matt was out of the house, their enemy #1 was Ragan and all of them were set on getting him out of the house. They were so adamant about it that Hayden flat-out promised Brendon that he would vote Ragan out over him. Ragan, of course, totally won POV and ruined all of their plans. Mwahahahaha. When Brendon is voted out (despite thinking he had the vote advantage over Britney), Hayden obnoxiously diary rooms about the pawn going home. Shut up, Hayden. Don’t be smug, it’s not becoming on you.

HoH Competition
This is a different kind of Sunday show, as we still have an HoH to decide. The competition is blackjack-themed, where the players must match cards in their hand by doing some sort of catapult/bowling/skee ball contraption thingie. (I swear, these competitions are so easy to understand and so HARD to describe. Apologies.) Britney is eliminated in the first round and competition dud Enzo goes out next, leaving Lane and Ragan to battle for HoH. In a shootout that went to the final ball, Lane wins HoH. Oh noes! Will he be forced to nominate his precious Britney?

Pandora’s Box
Lane gets his own opportunity to open Pandora’s Box. Inside is some sort of rapper money necklace tree. Although Lane knows there will be consequences, he decides to open the box. Inside he is told to open three envelopes, all of which will have dollar amounts inside with a possible $10,000 total. For every envelope he opens, something bad will happen to the house. He does his best, but all he comes out with is $91.17. Hee. Punishment #1: no cups, knives, forks, spoons or plates for the houseguests for the entire week. Punishments #2 and #3 are still to come.

Hayden and Britney get to talking, and Hayden gets an inkling that Britney might be willing to vote for him over Lane for the big prize. Hayden now sees Britney as two giant dollar signs (instead of two giant…other things) and has a definite reason to want her to stay in the house. Lane and Britney discuss who is going to go on the block, and Lane makes it clear that Hayden is not going to go up. This raises Britney’s defenses and she starts wondering why Lane is tighter with Hayden than with her. In front of Enzo, however, Lane plays a different tune and asks Hayden if he wants to be the pawn against Ragan. Enzo is just wondering why he doesn’t just put up Britney. Right now, Lane is playing both sides and it could come back to bite him just as it did Matt.

Nomination Ceremony
As he indicated to Britney early in the episode, Lane nominates Ragan and Enzo for eviction. Ragan knows he needs to win POV in order to stay in the house, and an upset Enzo doesn’t understand why Lane doesn’t just make a power move and put Britney up. But Enzo, you can just win POV and take yourself off! Right? Right? Oh…wait.

Favorite quotes:

  • “I’m certain that the men of this house, sans the house gay, are working together.” – Ragan
  • “Oh, what do you know, dude. Enzo bombs another competition. I have to say one thing for the guy, he has been the most consistent competitor all season long. I love Enzo, but he’s terrible.” – Hayden
  • “Ragan beat me. You see how tight Ragan’s shirt is? He can’t even breathe. Like, he can’t move his arms in that shirt. The more I stay in this house, the more embarrassing it gets.” – Enzo
  • “His brother’s huge, yo. He’s like a gorilla with tattoos.” – Enzo
  • “12 bucks. This is not a money tree, it is a fake you out tree.” – Lane

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Credit: CBS

Posted by:Carrie Raisler