matt big brother 'Big Brother 12': Return of the Saboteur

“Big Brother 12” tries to fix the colossal failure that was their Saboteur twist by asking another houseguest to take on the title. Will they accept?

Previously: Showmantic Hayden and Kristen were nominated for eviction and Kristen got the boot; people are starting to suspect The Brigade; Thursday’s elimination episode ended with the houseguests competing for HoH in an endurance competition.

HoH Competition
Last week, Julie announced that the first person off the paint can would be a Have Not, and Kathy valiantly volunteers to step down. She diary rooms that she wants everyone to think she is weak so they keep her around. Enzo goes next, and Matt definitely takes note of his effort (or lack thereof). At this point, everyone is just waiting for Brendon to fall, and fall he does. Lane, Britney and Hayden fall in quick succession, leaving Ragan and Matt to compete for the win. Again. In the end, Ragan feels safe so he jumps off and gives the HoH to Matt.

The Plan

Immediately following Matt’s HoH win, The Brigade gets together to discuss the plan: put up Rachel and Brendon, and send one of them home. Considering Matt’s shenanigans last time he was HoH, Enzo is understandably wary.

Pandora’s Box
Matt is given the chance to open Pandora’s Box and therefore win a Diamond Power of Veto, which allows him to save himself or someone on the block for the next two weeks and choose who goes up in their place. The catch? If he opens Pandora Box to take this prize, he may unleash something bad on the house. Matt decides to take the Veto and preemptively apologizes to the house for what is to come, and lies to them about what he won by opening the box.

Saboteur, Take Two
Ragan is called into the diary room and offered $20,000 to become the new Saboteur for the next two weeks. After some deliberation, he accepts the offer. $20k in cold, hard cash is really hard to pass up. The Saboteur later leaves a cryptic message on the TV screen which totally messes with everyone’s mind.

Rachel Pleads Her Case

Rachel goes to Matt and tries to make her case that there are nine people in the house and she and Brendon are really no threat because they don’t have the numbers. She also gets into a really dumb fight with Ragan (that then escalates when Brendon jumps in the middle without knowing what is going on) but that part is annoying so I’m skipping it. The fact that Rachel thinks Matt is going to nominate them because he is a “pansy” who is afraid of angering everyone else in the house is ridiculous. I wonder if she’s considered that he might just have an alliance that she isn’t a part of? Her persecution complex, it is strong.

Nomination Ceremony

To no one’s surprise, Matt nominates Rachel and Brendon for eviction. Rachel cries. America laughs.

Random thoughts:

  • The montage of everyone making fun of Rachel in the diary room was a total win.
  • Also a win: Britney’s HoH room overdramatics, and game of “trapped” where everyone leaves the HoH room one by one and strands Matt with Brendon and Rachel. Ha!
  • Not a win: Matt’s stupid hoodie with no shirt underneath. Cut it out, dude.

Favorite quotes:

  • “Getting smacked in the face with a paintbrush was actually pretty good, because I was hoping I could climb around and b****slap Brendon but at the same time the paintbrush was going to do the dirty work for me anyways.” – Enzo
  • “I’m getting a little fed up that the brains always has to be the one picking up the weight on the physical endurance competitions.” – Matt
  • “How did the scrawniest, weaseliest dude in the house win another endurance competition? – Rachel
  • “Rachel has a tendency of just spouting out bulls*** acting like it’s true, and once in a while people begin to believe that her fiction is a reality, and this makes me mad.” – Ragan
  • “I just feel like a lost puppy. I’ve fought so hard that I have to get another injection of Botox, because I have so many wrinkles right now.” – Rachel

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Credit: CBS

Posted by:Carrie Raisler