showmance big brother 'Big Brother 12' showmances? Maybe!The “Big Brother 12” premiere is right around the corner, so Zap2it thought we should take a minute to discuss what is really important for everyone’s favorite summertime guilty pleasure — showmances.

“Big Brother” is arguably the best breeding ground for showmances. And we don’t mean actual romances, either — we mean stuck-in-a-house-what-else-is-there-to-do-we’re-both-pretty-let’s-hook-up showmances. Dr. Will Kirby had a couple memorable flirtations, his cohort Mike “Boogie” Malin infamously used one showmance and (ridiculously) proposed to another. It seems like every summer there is at least one couple getting snuggly in the “BB” house.

So which “Big Brother 12” house guests are ripe for the showmancing this summer?

Based on our pre-show interviews with the contestants, Zap2it can tell you that Matt Hoffman is married, Britney Haynes is engaged and Annie Whittington is dating someone. Just so we were clear, they also assured us they would not be participating in any showmances this season.

Ragan Fox wouldn’t be against it — but he’s the only openly gay person on the show, so we don’t like his chances. Same goes for the chances of 40-year-old Kathy Hillis and 39-year-old Andrew Gordon. With average age of the cast being 29 years, we don’t really see it. Maybe they could showmance each other? Not saying a showmance involving one or both of them couldn’t happen, it just doesn’t seem likely.

That leaves us with seven possible showmance-having house guests — Lane Elenburg, Hayden Moss, Brendon Villegas and Enzo Palumbo on the men’s side and Kristen Bitting, Monet Stunson and Rachel Reilly on the women’s side.

None of the aforementioned seven house guests told Zap2it they wouldn’t have a showmance, though some were more hesitant than others. Based on our impressions, we’re going to rule out Hayden and Brendon. We just don’t see Kristen, Monet or Rachel tripping their respective triggers. What actually might turn out to be more interesting is that Annie seems like she would be right up Brendon’s alley and her boyfriend is only someone she’s been seeing for a few months … could there be some romantic drama in the “BB” house?!

What we can envision out of the single peeps is a possible Enzo-Rachel flirtation or a Lane-Kristen hook-up. So you heard it here first, folks. If that’s what happens, just call us “Big Brother”-tradamus.

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