kevin campbell bb blogger 'Big Brother 12': 'The Bad Girls Club lost a member!'Oh no! The Bad Girls Club lost a member!

After last night’s live eviction of Monet on “Big Brother 12”, the bad girls club is now just the bad girl club with only Britney left.

Sad? I shed half a tear ’cause I kinda liked Monet … mostly because I liked her hair, but also because I think she’s slightly misunderstood. She, like me, is a lower-case ‘b’ bitch …. a “diet bitch” if you will, and that isn’t a bad thing really, especially in the BB house. It helps to have some who are filter-less to hopefully spark up some drama.

That being said, if I had a choice between Britney and Monet being bitch-slapped out of the bad girls club, I preferred Monet leaving only ’cause Britney gives good diary room. As a diary room expert, if you will [clears throat and pops collar], I appreciate when a houseguest lets loose in the diary room, and Britney certainly does that with a humorous/mean-girls edge.   The question now is will Britney fall completely apart and cut her wrists? My gut says no, since she’s been laying the groundwork to build other alliances (namely Kathy, Ragan, Brendon, and Rachel).

Let’s get to the “juicy” part of last night’s episode, namely the “house meeting”. I use the term “juicy” lightly … ok, I completely misuse the word … let’s be honest that house meeting was somewhat dry and left me hungry for more. I’m disappointed there weren’t insults hurled, objects thrown, and feelings hurt! Can I get a “Die b*tch, DIIEEEE!” said at least once this season?

Ugghhh, thankfully there were tears shed as the meeting climaxed with Monet crying over the revelation she got played by diabolical Matt. Ultimately, Brendon and Rachel’s plan of making Matt look bad boomeranged as they cockily sat like King and Queen in their thrones telling the rest of the house what they should think. I feel bad for Rachel because I think Brendon is ruining her game (what little she has). She knew putting up Matt was a bad idea, but Brenden convinced her otherwise, and if it wasn’t for Brendon, she wouldn’t be such a target.

Oh welllllll, but can you blame the wench for showmancing with Brendon … ’cause he is scccrrruummpsssh. As soon as this season is over, I’m signing up for a swim class at wherever he’s teaching so I can feign drowning and he can perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on me. Mmmmmm. Sorry. Tangent.

BTW, apparently the word on the street is that Rachel is uber-annoying and America isn’t feeling her that much. True? Well if so, can you imagine the shock on her face when she realizes she’s loathed? Wow, so much for guessing how America will react to you.

Alsooooo, apparently Matt is getting some heat for using a legitimate disease to further his game. It’s kind of a gutter move, buuuut with that being said, I toyed with that lie as well before I moved into the BB house last year … ultimately with me chickening out last minute, so kudos to Matt for having the balls to go through with such a lie.  Only time will tell if America loves it or hates it.

So what do you guys think of this season?  Bleh? Meh? or Rox?  I have a poll setup on my website where you can go and vote. ‘Til next time loverssss!!!!

*hugs and rainbows*

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