hayden moss big brother 'Big Brother 12': The Brigade rolls on

No big surprises on “Big Brother 12“, as The Brigade keeps winning…and winning…and winning.

Previously: Despite all of his efforts, Ragan was evicted; we left the houseguests competing in a Christmas-themed HoH Competition.

HoH Competition – Continued
In the last episode, we left the houseguests at the very beginning of what looked like a painstaking HoH competition. (You guys remember my description from last time, right? Because these things are a pain to try to explain once, let alone twice.) Enzo’s main goal is to ensure Britney doesn’t win HoH so none of The Brigade goes home. It doesn’t look like that’s going to be a problem considering Britney is breaking ornaments left and right. And seriously, guys, there is no way to discuss this competition without making dirty jokes, with all the “soft hands” and “firm grips.” So I shall abstain. Hayden takes a commanding lead and never lets it go, and ultimately wins HoH.

Running the Show
After Hayden wins HoH, The Brigade gets together and celebrates their general awesomeness and absolute dominance of the game, which includes winning the last four competitions in a row. Enzo then celebrates his specific awesomeness by pointing out in the diary room that The Brigade was entirely his idea. Which is pretty much true. So Enzo HAS done something in the house!

Despite their rah rah exterior, in the diary room Lane laments Hayden winning HoH because he thinks he has a better shot against Britney in the end. For his part, a self-aware Hayden realizes people might be hesitant to take him to final two and works hard to ensure whoever wins the final HoH competition takes him along.

Luxury Competition
The contestants are given the chance to compete in a luxury competition with the grand prize of $10,000. To play, the contestants must each hide a gold coin in the house. Once they are all hidden, the houseguests go in and search for the other people’s coins. When your coin is found, you are eliminated. The last person standing wins the cash.

The houseguests go crazy in the house tearing everything up, but they are having a hard time finding anything. Hayden hides his coin in a seemingly unopened cereal box, but it wasn’t clever enough because Enzo finds his first and he is eliminated. Enzo’s glory doesn’t last for long, because Britney finds his coin next and knocks him out of the game. Britney then finds Lane’s coin in the recycle bin and wins the $10,000.

The Britney Problem

Hayden and Enzo start talking about Britney and how they need to get her out of the house in order to ensure their goal of having them be the final two. Also, they think no one has a shot against her in the finals. They also wisely note that Lane is sitting pretty, seeing as he’s going to final three no matter what this week.

Nomination Ceremony
Since tonight’s nominations are almost meaningless (since POV winner has the ultimate power) Hayden goes through some unneccesary stress before doing exactly what we expect him to do: nominate Britney and Lane for eviction.

Random thoughts:

  • Is the only other player besides Enzo to make it to the end without winning an HoH Dr. Will Kirby? If so, interesting. I like Enzo just fine, but he’s no Evil Dr. Will.
  • Hayden and Lane’s awkward man hug, LOL.
  • The house pillow fight was very, very cute. Was I the only one wishing they were doing it in their underwear, though?
  • I don’t understand if Lane is actually interested in Britney or is just putting on an act to bug her and/or say funny things in the diary room. Any live feeders out there with insight?

Favorite quotes:

  • “Yay, someone besides me is HoH. I don’t care.” – Britney, on seeing Hayden’s HoH room (it was all about the delivery, folks)
  • “The chance to win ten grand? You know how many cases of beer I can buy with that, plus muscle milk? Oh my gosh, this is heaven.” – Lane
  • “Man, this place is trashed. Are we cleaning this place up?” – Enzo
  • “OK, you won Britney. Good for you. Now you’ve got ten g’s, another target on your back. You’ve just won a vacation to the jury house, see ya!” – Enzo
  • “Since day one when I heard Britney mention Nick’s name, I knew he wasn’t the one for her. She needs someone tough, someone rough, someone that’s not going to break her heart, and someone that can stand up and fight. Someone kind of like myself, you know?” – Lane

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Posted by:Carrie Raisler