annie big brother close up 'Big Brother 12': The Brigade runs the show

“Big Brother 12′ continues to milk the Saboteur paranoia, and the Brigade alliance continues to rule the house.

Previously: there is an unknown Saboteur in the house, Brendon and Rachel are scientists in love and Hayden nominated those lovebird scientists for eviction.

Nomination Reaction
Brendon isn’t surprised he’s nominated, but he’s shocked Rachel is up on the block with him. The Brigade alliance is still going strong and Enzo works overtime to make sure he’s the king, getting in Hayden’s ear about Brendon, Rachel and Annie supposedly having an alliance. Ah, so Enzo is going to be one of those “if you talk to someone you’re automatically working with them” players. Strangely, it seems like Enzo might be right because Brendon later goes to Hayden to plead his case and names Annie as one of the only people in the house he trusts. Enzo, mastermind? Maybe, maybe. Pre-veto competition, Brendon goes to Hayden again to find out his thoughts, and Hayden admits that if he wins he will keep the nominations the same. Hayden has not learned the fine art of “playing both sides” yet, that’s for sure, as he’s definitely made an enemy out of Brendon already.

Later, Brendon and Rachel get up close and personal under a blanket outside while the rest of the house looks on from the kitchen. Awkward. Enzo says something so hilarious Annie does a literal spit take, but unfortunately it doesn’t make it past the CBS censors. Boo! I want to do a spit take, too!

Power of Veto Competition
Brendon, Rachel, Hayden, Enzo, Andrew and Monet compete in a Mexican pinata-themed game called Cinco de Mayo. The goal? Whack open mayonnaise-filled pinatas to find letters. Use the letters to spell words. The longest correctly spelled word (and REAL word, Jeff) wins. The best part about this competition is that the non-playing houseguests have to sit in a rotten mayo splash zone while they watch. It’s like Sea World, but with more food-borne illness. (Also: so many jokes about this competition…all too dirty for this blog. Rats.) Here’s what our houseguests spelled:

Hayden: possible
Enzo: factory
Rachel: chemistry
Monet: cheaters
Brendon: understanding
Andrew: pastuerized (misspelled, he says purposely)

Brendon wins POV with a 13-letter masterpiece. Good job, science guy!

Post Veto Competition & POV Ceremony
Forced with putting someone up in Brendon’s place, the Brigade decides to “backdoor” Annie. I don’t think backdoor means what Enzo thinks it means. Poor Nakomis, her brilliant plan has been reduced to a generic word. Anyway, for some reason Enzo has a complete bug in his behind for Annie and talks enough that everyone else begins to believe that Annie is some sort of “Big Brother” savant and must be evicted immediately. So…this is going to be the season of Enzo, huh? He is completely ruling that alliance. Lane makes the interesting point that Rachel is a guaranteed person on Brendon’s side, but Annie could be swayed so Rachel should be the one to go home. He suggests putting Kathy up as a pawn instead to get Rachel out.

At the POV ceremony, Brendon obviously chooses to veto himself, and Hayden replaces him with Annie. I guess Enzo’s panic was more powerful than Lane’s reason. I have a feeling this is going to become a running theme for the Brigade.

The Saboteur
The Saboteur broadcasts another one of his garbled messages and drops a bombshell: two of the houseguests are lifelong friends, “and if you think about it, it’s actually quite easy to figure out.” Oh no he or she didn’t! Is the Saboteur lying? The houseguests aren’t sure, but they sure are paranoid! This Saboteur thing is fun.

Random thoughts:

  • Brendon really needs to stop wearing his hat like that. Immediately.
  • Andrew is trying to make it obvious he’s not the Saboteur, but in the process all he’s doing is raising suspicion. Just be quiet and act normal, Andrew! Quit being so awkward!
  • I finally realized the actual reason CBS is waiting until tomorrow to reveal the Saboteur to the audience — so they can make money on text message guesses. Ah, capitalism.
  • I kind of like Britney (she’s dishy!) but did she really say “scotch” free? Total pet peeve.

Favorite quotes:

  • “That could not have worked out any perfect-er.” – Lane
  • “So when we get out of this house do you want to go out on a date?” – Brendon, to Rachel
  • “I do not appreciate getting hit in the face with dairy.” – Lane (That’s what she sad. Also: there is usually no dairy in mayonnaise, Lane.)
  • “Rachel was dying to spell a word that had to do with science because she knows she considers herself to be some kind of brilliant scientist, in case you weren’t aware. Please. She makes her money right here [points to chest].” – Britney

What did you guys think? Any new Saboteur guesses? Are you bummed Annie is on the block? And who do you think are the lifelong friends?

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Credit: CBS

Posted by:Carrie Raisler