andrew big brother 'Big Brother 12': The genius strikes again

“Big Brother 12” left the houseguests (and us) hanging last week at the HoH competition. Who took the prize?

Previously: Despite a tumultuous week, Matt survived being on the block, and we left the houseguests standing on surfboards in the back yard competing for this week’s HoH. Let’s see who won!

HoH Competition
We pick up where we left off on Thursday’s live show, with the houseguests on surfboards trying to hang on and win the HoH. The diary room reveals the shocking revelation that everyone thinks they need to win HoH this week. Matt, in particular, is feeling extremely confident about his chances considering his big success at being the pawn last week. One by one, Kathy, Lane, Kristen, Hayden and Britney drop off their boards, becoming the “Haves” of the week. Brendon, who has definite cause for concern, says his one goal is to ensure Matt doesn’t win the competition, considering last week he vowed to put him and Rachel on the block if he won. Brendon can’t hang, however, and after he and Enzo fall only Matt, Ragan and Andrew remain.

After an hour, Matt looks completely calm but Andrew is definitely starting to lose it. Ragan promises Andrew that if he wins HoH he won’t put Andrew up. Matt refuses to make any such promise. Andrew finally falls off 30 minutes later, leaving only Ragan and Matt to duke it out. Ragan asks everyone to leave the yard so he can have a private chat with Matt. Oooo…this is fun. I like Ragan. Ragan admits he just wants to give Matt the HoH but can’t jump off because it will look bad for him. (Ragan reminds me of someone. An actor, maybe?) At 2 hours 15 minutes, Ragan takes a fall and Matt wins HoH.

Post-HoH Maneuvering
Immediately after Matt’s win, Rachel starts crying and freaking out but Brendon reassures her that they just have to act normal for a few days until nominations come out. Rachel immediately pulls Matt aside, and Matt tells her that he doesn’t feel comfortable making any sort of deal with her seeing as last week they made a deal about keeping the circumstances surrounding putting him on the block a secret and she completely broke it in that ridiculous house meeting/witch hunt. Later, Matt does end up making a deal with them by saying if he doesn’t put them on the block this week he would hope they wouldn’t put him up if they won HoH next week. Matt also gives Andrew a heads up that he might be going on the block as a pawn. For who, exactly, I am not sure.

The Brigade
Finally, The Brigade gets together and celebrates Matt’s victory and other awesome things, and especially their general awesomeness as human beings. The Brigade wants him to nominate Brendon and Rachel, but Matt is more worried about Kathy. Because Kathy has shown herself so capable of winning things like HoH competitions? Think, Mensa man.

Hayden and Kristen are still secret lovers (yeah, that’s what they are). Trying so hard to hid the way they feel. The rest of The Brigade
thinks they are the ones who the Saboteur suggested were related since Hayden sticks up for her and “they don’t flirt.” Hahahaha! Kissing they are, cousins they are not. The Brigade does say that they think Hayden will be loyal to them first and Kristen second. I’m not so sure about that, boys.

Nomination Ceremony
Matt decides to nominate Andrew and Kathy for eviction, claiming they are the only two people in the house gunning for him. Enzo doesn’t quite understand his nominations, and neither do I. Andrew, for his part, does some serious warning of Matt in the diary room. Uh oh, Matt! Andrew is gunning for you! Better watch out! Except he’s not threatening at all…

…and suddenly the nominations make perfect sense. Hmm. Perhaps Matt is, in fact, the genius he claims himself to be.

Random thoughts:

  • Enzo trying to talk like Britney was hysterical. Enzo is far more entertaining than I anticipated.
  • Also funny: Britney and Lane’s reenactment of Brendon and Rachel’s conversation. And Lane’s confession that he usually does that routine with cows instead of people.
  • Wow, it’s almost like Matt’s wife knew of his plan to lie to everyone about her disease! That seems…shady, Matt and Matt’s wife.
  • This secret relationship of Hayden and Kristen is a legitimately interesting showmance. It’s far more interesting to have your eyes on the prize and keep everything on the down low than to flaunt it for everyone in the house like Brendon and Rachel.

Favorite quotes:

  • “To me those shorts don’t look kosher. If I wore those things in Jersey, fugettaboutit, I’d have to move.” – Enzo (No, really, he actually said fugettaboutit.)
  • “I saw baby food and I felt like what comes out of the other end of a baby.” – Ragan
  • “It’s baby food. Baby food and bok chock, or baccarat…I don’t know what that is. It looks like a bootleg piece of lettuce.” – Enzo
  • “Brendon and Rachel are the obvious choice, but when you’re a diabolical supergenius like me you don’t always do the obvious thing.” – Matt

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Posted by:Carrie Raisler