hayden moss big brother 'Big Brother 12': The Saboteur mystery continues

“Big Brother 12” is enjoying stringing the audience along as much as the houseguests, as the true identity of the Saboteur goes unrevealed again.

Previously on “Big Brother 12”: There is a Saboteur in the house who locked all of the food away, relegating the houseguests to slop, and Hayden won HoH.

The Saboteur
Saboteur paranoia has officially set in, with all of the houseguests trying to figure out who locked the food storage room while the lights were out. Hayden is confused about who it might be, but knows that he has an important task ahead of him trying to figure it out as he is the HoH. Later, the Saboteur puts x marks through Kathy and Britney’s pictures on the picture board. Andrew is the first person to point this out, which immediately makes Hayden more convinced he is the Saboteur.

Alliances and Strategy

For his part, Enzo sees an opportunity to form an alliance with the person in power and quickly sets up something with Hayden, Matt and Lane. Matt already proclaims them “the strongest alliance in Big Brother history.” Whoa there, little camper. It’s only like day 3. Slow your roll. Back where Enzo comes from, everyone has nicknames (we know!) so he dubs their alliance “The Brigade,” Lane “The Beast,” Matt “The Brains,” Hayden “The Animal” and himself “The Meow” because he’s quick like a cat. Or something? It wasn’t quite clear. Enzo obviously saves the best nickname for himself, because those other ones are total sucksville. They decide together to nominate Brendan and Rachel.

Getting to Know You Moments
Brendon and Rachel are both science heads and fall in love to talk of superconductors and pheromones and science societies and I nodded off for a minute because of how much I didn’t care. I will say, props to “Big Brother” for seemingly getting a few smart cookies in the house this year. One can only listen to so many conversations about clubs and clothes and what animal you would like to be.

Also, Annie decides to share her bisexuality with Ragan, and he feels honored
that she trusted him. Ragan is pretty awesome in this moment.

Have and Have Not Competition
This competition has something to do with teeth, and popcorn, and dentistry, and caramel, but really I think it’s just an excuse to get Hayden in a fairy costume. Basically, the players have to crawl through a big vat of caramel, dig through some popcorn in search of some teeth, and crawl back through. The first two teams to get all their teeth are the “Haves” and get food and hot showers for the week. The losing team members are the “Have Nots” and get cold showers, uncomfortable beds and slop. The caramel is so hard to slog through that this competition must have taken hours. Thank God for editing.

Due to Kathy’s complete incompetence, she and her team (Ragan, Matt and Rachel) are the Have Nots for the week. They have to sleep in what is ominously called “the most uncomfortable bedroom in Big Brother history.” I don’t know about uncomfortable, but it’s definitely hilarious as it looks like something straight out of Tank Girl. Plus it has bugs (in jars, thankfully).

Nomination Ceremony
As he discussed with his alliance, Hayden nominates Brendon and Rachel for eviction. His excuse to Brendon is that he was unaccounted for in the blackout so he might be the Saboteur. For Rachel, he uses the classic “you haven’t tried to get to know me, which makes you suck because I am awesome” excuse. Hayden says Brendon is the target, and Enzo deems himself a genius and a mastermind for setting the whole thing up. Oh, boys. You know what’s fun? Watching cocky people get knocked down a peg or two. You were warned.

Random thoughts:

  • Annie is a bartender! I told you, there’s always a bartender.
  • My favorite diary room of the night? When Ragan said he trusted Hayden more because there were no lame shirtless frat boy pictures of him in the HoH room. Take note, JESSIE.
  • So Brendon is a PhD student whose masters thesis involves physical chemistry. How was “swim coach instructor” more important than this little fact in his bio last week, “Big Brother”?
  • Hayden’s HoH food stash is full of such gems as Red Vines and Apple Jacks, which is gross but pretty standard for this house. I would be the weirdo begging for almond butter and granola. What would be in your HoH food basket?

Favorite quotes:

  • “I felt very awkward, like I was watching my parents have sex. I mean, it’s not something I want to be a part of. I was literally the cream to the scientific cookie.” – Annie, on Brendon and Rachel’s “chemistry”
  • “I cannot be on slop. It is more important to win the Have and Have Not competition than the HoH competition because I won’t be able to eat the slop because it’s not kosher.” – Andrew, answering my question from last week and making everyone in America wonder why he chose to do this show
  • “I thought I was the only fairy in the house, and then boom! Hayden comes and steals my thunder.” – Ragan

What did you guys think? Any new Saboteur guesses? How long do you think they should keep the audience in the dark? I don’t know about you, but I want to know NOW!

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Credit: CBS

Posted by:Carrie Raisler