enzo palumbo big brother 12 'Big Brother 12': The Saboteur revealed, a new HOH and more!“Big Brother 12” is already starting off strong and there’s only been one eviction so far! Keep reading to dish on the latest developments, but if you haven’t watched the live eviction episode from Thursday, July 15, don’t keep reading because there are spoilers.

The big bombshell of the first live eviction episode is that Annie is revealed as the Saboteur! We will confess to not suspecting her, particularly with how hard she played the game right out of the blocks — way to put a target on yourself.

Annie ended up on the block this week, which was not a shock. She could not stay stable in the house and made too many enemies too fast. There was a last-ditch effort with a Saboteur message that mentioned “escaping” the block, trying to throw suspicion onto Brendon (and therefore make the house eliminate his showmance partner Rachel) but it did not work.

The votes to evict went uanimously in favor of Annie. Wow. Well done, CBS. Way to introduce an actual interesting twist and then your bonehead Saboteur gets herself evicted first. Seriously, how lame.

We think CBS should find another Saboteur. Pick out one person and reveal in the Diary ROom to him or her that Annie was the Saboteur but now they are offering the position to the new person. It would really be the only way to salvage the twist.

Following Annie’s eviction, there was a new HOH competition. It’s a “majority vote” series of questions and after a tie-breaker question between Monet, Britney and Rachel, Rachel wins HOH. Wow!  Well, she and Brendon ought to have a fun week!

Finally, the America’s Vote is for the Have Nots food for the week — A) Taffy and Tuna, B) Catfish and Candy Corn or C) Fruit Cake and Fish Sticks

What do you think, hamster fans? As disappointed as we are in how the Saboteur twist worked out?

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credit: CBS

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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