rachel big brother 320 'Big Brother 12': Who will win HoH?The outcome of tonight’s eviction isn’t all that surprising, but “Big Brother 12” manages to keep us on our toes with yet another endurance HoH competition. Who will win the power?

Previously: Kristen and Hayden’s relationship was revealed, and they were subsequently nominated for eviction by Rachel, and despite being wooed by Hayden POV winner Britney kept the nominations the same. Also: the “Big Brother” announcer said bro-mance. Hee.

Finally, Julie wears something ugly! Hooray! Despite her unflattering silk potato sack, I still can’t hate her outfit more than those weird leopard-spotted shorts Hayden is rocking. Between those monstrosities and Kristen’s hippie-tard, it’s a difficult episode to watch.

Post-POV Reactions
Rachel reveals that she told Britney she might put up Lane precisely because she knew Britney wouldn’t use the veto if that was a possibility. Kristen laments the breakup of her showmance, and I lament the amount of tears I’ve had to watch Kristen shed in the last two episodes. Despite the setback with his showmance, Hayden feels pretty confident he is the one staying in the house and therefore feels better about the whole situation.

Kristen then really starts to annoy me by complaining that Rachel purposely sabotaged their plan to get Kathy and the block and vote her out instead of Kristen. Well, DUH, Kristen. Is Rachel supposed to play the game for you to win? No. She’s supposed to play the game for her to win, and you are more of a threat than Kathy. So be quiet now.

Testing the Brigade
After Hayden gives Kristen the go-ahead to campaign against him, she starts to put two and two together and realizes he might have an alliance with the three other guys he hangs out with all the time. Gee, you think? She goes to Ragan with her suspicions, who doesn’t necessarily believe they are a full-on alliance but recognizes the danger. She hits up Britney next, who definitely considers her pitch. The one glitch in her plan is that she must convince Brendon to keep her in the house in order to ensure her safety. Good luck with that, girlfriend.

Holy Awkward
It’s time for our weekly “get to know a houseguests” segment, and this week we’re focused on Hayden and Kristen. In Hayden’s portion, we learn that his mom loves him (maybe a little bit too much) and he once rocked a seriously KILLER mullet as a young boy. For real, it’s brilliant. His mom then calls Kristen “crazy” and implies that she’s not really into Hayden and just doing it all for the cameras. Yikes! Their first meeting is going to be interesting.

Then, something even more awesome happens. We move on to Kristen’s segment, where we learn that Kristen HAS A BOYFRIEND at home, and he’s not very happy about the situation. Oh no she didn’t! We do see a conversation where she owns up to the whole situation to Hayden and obviously feels a little bit bad about what has transpired. Seriously, they were only together for two months. It’s not like she can call him and end it or anything. Still: drama! Love it.

Rachel’s HOH Interview
Rachel reveals she and Brendon are trying to pull Britney into their alliance, but she’s not sure how that’s going. Julie then asks Rachel if her strategy is to target women, and Rachel says she is just putting up the people that are targeting her. Fair enough. Finally, she reveals that Matt is still at the top of her hit list.

Live Vote
Despite Kristen’s last-minute maneuvers she is evicted from the house, with only Kathy throwing her a vote to stay. The most interesting part of Kristen’s exit interview are her goodbye messages, where Rachel spouts more of her Mean Girl nonsense, Ragan and Kathy sing her praises, Brendon proves himself to be an even bigger idiot than we already suspected he was and Hayden reveals his Brigade alliance.

HoH Competition
Julie tells us that this week’s HoH winner will be the most powerful HoH in all of history, and perhaps the most powerful person in the history of the world. Or something like that. You see, this week’s HoH will get tempted by Pandora’s Box. If they choose to open it, they will unknowingly release a new Saboteur. America chose Ragan to be the new Saboteur, which is a pretty perfect choice and he probably should have been chosen by the producers initially. The HoH competition this week is endurance, with all of the houseguests perched on a giant paint can while it spins in a circle. The last person remaining wins HoH. Also: they periodically get absolutely clobbered with paint. Fun! It’s like art for idiots. (Or is that on idiots?)

Who will win HoH? Keep checking Zap2it to find out!

Random thoughts:

  • I would like Rachel at least 50% more if she didn’t have that nervous laugh. HATE.
  • As much as Kristen has started to annoy me in the last two episodes, I would much rather watch a Hayden/Kristen showmance than that toxic, horrible Rachel/Brendon fauxmance. Kristen and Hayden are actually sort of sweet.
  • Is Matt wearing footie pajamas? You guys, Matt is wearing footie pajamas. With skulls and crossbones on them. O….K.
  • I’m sorry, but no one rocks a unitard like Jen. No one.

Favorite quotes:

  • “Of course, you can’t hang out in Rachel’s HoH room without making fun of her.” – Britney
  • “I would probably say Ragan because of his flatulence. He’s really gassy and it smells really, really bad.” – Britney, when asked who is the hardest houseguest to live with
  • “In my opinion, it’s over.” – Kristen’s Ex-Boyfriend (I’m pretty sure she thinks it’s over, too, buddy.)
  • “Kristen, you are the definition of the word b****. Who do you think you are trying to talk to Brendon behind my back? Don’t ever, ever try to get between me and my man. My man doesn’t get manipulated by triflin’ hoes like you.” – Rachel (No, Rachel, your man only gets manipulated by you. ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH.)

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