andrew big brother 12 'Big Brother 12's' Andrew: 'No beating the Brigade if you weren't in it'Andrew Gordon was the third “Big Brother 12” houseguest to be evicted. He tells Zap2it about his fiery exit speech, being a floater and who he’s rooting for now that he’s out of the house.

Talk about the final speech you gave — that was quite a go-down-in-flames exit. Did you think it would help you or were you just bent on outing the Hayden/Kristen showmance?
Both, but most of all outing Kristen because she turned on me.

Do you regret anything you did while in the Big Brother house?
I regret the veto ceremony speech, because at the time I had the votes and I didn’t know it. I guess I was nervous that I didn’t.

Now that you know Matt was lying about his wife being ill, has your opinion changed about the many different strategies used to play the game? If you were given a chance to go back, which strategies would you try?
I had my own strategies by lying about my age and profession. If I could go back I would have tried to make more alliances, but there was no beating the Brigade if you weren’t in it.

Being in the Big Brother house is hard enough, but what extra challenges did you face because of your faith?
Being a have not is even more challenging because I can’t even eat the slop. I couldn’t use electricity during Saturday competitions and worst of all, I was always a have-negillah (which means “never a have”).

Do you have any lasting resentment towards anyone in the house?
Absolutely not. It is a game and I hope that nobody takes it personal, but if you attack my religion and faith I will look at you in a different light.

Are you rooting for anyone now that you are gone?
I would like Brendon to win. If he doesn’t win, then I hope Enzo does because he has a family and he is very funny.

Any messages to your fans?
If you believe in something and have a goal, do it in life no matter how hard you think it may be and what challenges you have to face.

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