brendon hoh blog cbs 'Big Brother 12's' Brendon's HOH blog: 'I have completely fallen in love' with RachelBrendon Villegas is the Week 6 Head of Household in the “Big Brother 12” house. He does a complete player breakdown in his HOH blog.

Brendon writes:

For the Fans: This week has been one of the toughest I have been forced to endure since entering the Big brother house. I came in and was targeted the first week for no apparent reason. On the block I met a most amazing individual who showed me that good people still exist in this crazy world. After only two days of getting to know me, Rachel was willing to pull me off the block should she have won the POV. Insane, I know. From the time I won the first POV to Rachel going home last week, it has been a tough battle for the two of us to stay in this house. As difficult as it has been I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I have completely fallen in love with her. While we have experienced ups and downs in this house, I have only discovered that this has proven our love to be all that much more real. I wanted the house to vote me out so she could have stayed here for longer b/c she wants to be here so bad. I would do anything for her. Since they chose not to do so, they will now have to pay. Britney and Ragan have been two of the most malicious and callous people in this game. They are my two targets when matt leaves this week. When I discovered that Rachel had been in the house the entire time I was on my 24 hr vacation, I was saddened. After I discovered all the conversations she had shared with the houseguests and how much love she expressed for me, it made me a bit happier. I am so cheesy and corny at times and perhaps a bit pathetic, but know that everyone came in to this game alone. Inside this house I not only found a best friend, but someone I would like to share the rest of my life along side. I miss Rachel every day, but I know that I am fighting for the both of us now.

Player BreakDown:

Matt: Matt has been a very manipulative character right from the start. Having called him out week 2, he was ultimately the reason Rachel went home. He is part of the trio that creates so much drama in this house and whose arrogance led to his downfall. I understand that he is fighting for his wife, which was why I wanted to keep him in here. Rachel left me a message saying that she wanted him out, since I promised to defend her honor, I must carry out her wishes. As much as I wanted to backdoor Britney and send her home, Matt did make the decision to put Rachel and I up against each other, which was his mistake. I feel bad for him, but last week none of those three in the have not room showed Rachel sympathy.

Ragan: Ragan has banked on the fact that his effeminate personality
would allow him to slide through the game thinking most would believe he
is not much of a threat. Week 2 when Ragan was balling his eyes out in
the Have Not room, Rachel and I were the only two there for him. He
was best friends with Rachel and loved her to death. By week 4 he was
best friends with Kristen, the very girl who was trying to target Rachel
and I. Ragan is a turncoat who has hid behind Matt and let him get all
of the blood on his hands. When I won HOH this week, the first thing
him and Britney did was go cry in the Have Not room b/c they remembered
what jerks they were to Rachel last week. Ragan is fake and he spends
his time trying to make good with the masculine males in the house,
hoping to help his position once Matt is gone. Ragan believes himself
to be one of the strongest players also, which adds to his arrogant and
stubborn nature. Any discussion that results in disagreement will
surely end with Ragan refusing to accept anyone else’s point of view.

To read the full blog, check out CBS’ official website. Also be sure to check out the new HOH pictures. And finally, as a tasty treat for you “BB” fans — Jezebel has video of Lane pleasuring himself in the shower. Don’t say we never did anything for you, hamster fans!

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