britney haynes bb 12 interview 'Big Brother 12's' Britney on her house fire, says she's 'taking bids' for what's nextBritney Haynes had a roller coast of a night during the “Big Brother 12” finale. Moments after finding out she was chosen as America’s Player and had won $25,000, she was told about the fire that badly damaged her house in Arkansas.

“I heard about it like 10 minutes ago. I don’t know any details about it. Obviously the most important thing is everyone’s okay,” Britney tell us.

Despite the crazy ending, she’s glad she went on “Big Brother”

“It was everything that I wanted it to be,” she says. “As a fan of the show, I felt like I really knew what I was getting myself into, but I had no idea. But good and bad, it was all worth it … It looks easy on television. The reality is it’s not.”

In the house, Britney got the closest with Lane and he obviously got her vote to win the money over his alliance-mate Hayden. But what if Lane hadn’t been it finals and it was Hayden and Enzo?

“I would’v evoted for Hayden,” Britney reveals. “I love Hayyden. Hayden and Lane was totally a win-win situation for me. They’re really good people, I respect both of their game play … And Hayden to me was also a great competitor. It would’ve been really tough for Enzo to convince me to give him the vote.”

And if she couldn’t win the game, she feels like she got the next best thing by being voted America’s Player.

“I was shocked! … I was shocked, ecstatic, as happy as I can be. To me, that’s like winning the game,” says Britney.

As a bubbly, entertaining blonde, we can’t help but wonder what Britney has planned next.

“Obviously I plan on going home, but now I don’t have anywhere to go!” she laughs. But a career in entertainment is definitely not ruled out. “I’m unemployed. I’m taking bids. I’m taking bids all day. Call me.” 

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