kathy hillis big brother 12 'Big Brother 12's' Kathy: Deputy sheriff, ovarian cancer survivorKathy Hillis is the “old” one of the “Big Brother 12” house guests at the ripe old age of 40. Find out what her strategy is going to be coming in as the oldest, a deputy sheriff and an ovarian cancer survivor.

What made Kathy want to be on “Big Brother” was an illness, but not her own. “When my grandma was terminally ill, we used to watch ‘Big Brother’ together … when she passed away, I started applying. I applied for five years and now I made it on.”

Her favorite player is Evel Dick. “He’s just an awesome player, he played the game. I wouldn’t want to be in the house with him cause he like terrorized everybody, but it worked for him. He did an awesome job.”

Ronnie from “Big Brother 11” was her least favorite player. “He over-played the game and he was very annoying to me. I know that’s mean to say, but he was annoying to me.”

Kathy listed on her application that her biggest accomplishment was surviving ovarian cancer. She talks about how being surrounded by loved ones is what pulled her through and she told us off-camera that she didn’t expect to see the age of 30, let alone 40, so she’s proud to be 40 years old. Her strategy is that she’s not gonna lie about what she does for a living and she’s “going to have fun and going to be [herself].”

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