lane enzo bb 12 'Big Brother 12's' Lane HOH blog: 'Brit is like my little sister in here'Lane Elenburg is the latest “Big Brother 12” Head of Household. Find out what he thinks about each of his fellow houseguests in his HOH blog post.

Lane writes:

I want to tell all the fans that we love u all. My family and I are really close and it is very hard being here when you cant speak with them, so every kid, minor or adult call your parents and tell them you love them, cause I wish I could at this moment. Mom, Dad, Gunter, Lorren, jorja and all my niece and nephews I LOVE YOU. I really hope Gunter, Lorren, and Jorja websites are doing great.

This house changes everyday but one thing that doesn’t change is waking up and seeing Hayden and Enzo snuggling. I enjoy the Final 5 here with me, you can def tell that they are great people. Everyday I hear from Hayden how bad misses his mom and sister I can’t wait to meet them. Enzo is one of the funniest guys you will encounter, but also he has a soft spot, he would give up anything and everything for his family, he loves them so much. Brit is like my little sister in here and anytime I can cause her hell, I have made my day successful. She is a very sweet person.

HOH this week was fun and stressful. I got to see pictures of my family and read a letter from home I LOVED THAT, but I had to pick 2 friends to be put up for eviction, which sucked. I enjoy the mornings here because its a day closer till the end. Mom watch for the earlobe tug. Fans we love you ALL keep watching. Family I’ll see you soon love you all.


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