matt hoh blog cbs 320 'Big Brother 12's' Matt's HOH blog: 'The diabolical super genius'Matt is the third “Big Brother 12” Head of Household of the season and he has posted his HOH blog on CBS. He nominated Andrew and Kathy, neither of whom won the Power of Veto. But the one leaving is still up in the air. Find out what Matt thinks of “Big Brother” so far.

Matt writes:

Hello America! It’s your favorite guilty pleasure…the one you hate to love…the “brains” of The Brigade…the diabolical super-genius…Matt!!! Having the opportunity to write this blog to you all is actually one of the aspects of HoH that I’ve been looking forward to the most. Here I can tell you all my deepest darkest thoughts about all my fellow houseguests.

I should start by saying that I really do genuinely care for everyone in this house on a personal level. On a game level, however, it’s anything-goes and no one’s emotions are safe. But personally…I love them all. I’m quite confident that after getting home and watching this season, I will have lost the friendships of at least half of this house. But the remainder that choose to forgive my deplorable game-character and see me for what I truly am (the greatest Big Brother player in the history of the game…yeah, I said it), I will be close to for years to come.

As a crazy super-fan of the show myself, I’ve always found Big Brother to be not just an entertaining show on a surface level, but also a fascinating social experiment. Being a part of it all makes me realize this even more. Never in my normal life would I end up befriending a meat-head jock (who would have most certainly logged many hours kicking my ass in high school), nor in my normal life would a Vegas bikini cocktail waitress ever give me the time of day. This meshing of subcultures is extraordinarily awesome, and for that I am insanely grateful to even be allowed to have this experience.

To read the rest of Matt’s HOH blog, check out the CBS website.

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