daniele dominic big brother 13 'Big Brother 13': Another twist and the POV resultsWhen we last left out hamsters in the “Big Brother 13” house, Rachel was the new HOH and she had nominated Adam and Dominic, even after throwing a total fit about Jordan not taking her on the “reward” to watch “Same Name.”


Adam and Dominic both think they are the pawn, but they are going to play hard for the Power of Veto just in case. Rachel comes to them and says she’ll deal if they want to deal, which makes both of their radars hum because she had already said they each had a deal. Oh, Rachel.

Dominic and Daniele continue to flirt like 13-year-olds, it’s so gross. And Daniele doesn’t want to lose her junior high flirt buddy, so she’s going to work hard on Brenchel to make sure the plan is to keep Dominic and backdoor Jeff.

Brenchel takes a bath and rub each other’s feet (gross) and the editors have to blur out Rachel’s aureole slip. Heh. They discuss if they get Jeff out now or stick with their alliance, but Dominic talks to them and seems to solidify aligning with them and Daniele. He agrees to throw the POV, while talking-heads that he’s going to shank them in the back three weeks later.

It’s Degrassi Jr. High!

We now get a montage of Daniele and Dominic being gross. Daniele talking-heads that their relationship is love/hate – Dominic loves her and she hates him. Yeah, I bet. And all this canoodling has Jeff’s radar humming.

Veto Competition

And AGAIN Jeff and Jordan are picked. How is it possible that the veteran pairs keep picking each other?! Later, J&J whisper about how Daniele is only in the game for herself and how she needs to go. Um, isn’t everybody in the game for themselves except the two married couples?

Meanwhile, Daniele is busy working hard on Brenchel to backdoor Jeff by letting Dominic win the Veto so he takes himself off. But Brenchel is not falling for her plan and they talk to J&J about it, wherein they decide Daniele needs to go because she knows she’s the fifth wheel and isn’t loyal to them.

The Veto is a crazy hairy giant lady in a bathtub. Gross. They are playing as individuals, spelling words with letters. The letters are on the leg hair that they must pluck from the legs. Oh, gross. GROSS!!!! In a bit of a B.S. deal, Brendon wins with “understanding,” just like last season. Yes, he’s smart to spell a word and then add a suffix, but that’s still kinda lame.

Jordan spells “little,” because she liked it better than “farting,” even though hit’s shorter. Dominic spells “standings” and Brendon is all offended that someone throwing the competition would spell a 9-letter word. Um, as he said, he had to look legit while still not being the longest! Adam and Jeff both spell 9-letter words too (“fractions,” “expresses”) and Jeff rung in first, so he’s in the lead going into Brendon’s “understanding” win.

America’s Vote is for the Have-Nots: A) Black Licorice and Blue Cheese, B) Parsnips and prunes or C) Seaweed and sardines. Um, none of those are horrible. THe first choice is probably the worst, even though I like both of those things. But B and C are perfectly healthy food to eat all week.


Daniele is working hard core again on Brenchel to eliminate Jeff, while Dominic is asking around to find out for sure if he’s safe. Shelly assures him that he is and agrees that the men need to go home from the Vets pairs. She then runs off to J&J to tattle because they are who Shelly trusts the most and then they run to tell Brenchel.

Except Shelly’s retelling of what Dominic said is not exactly how it went down. Rachel gets all self-righteous in the DR about Dominic’s audacity to form an alliance against the Vets. Um, you do understand how this game works, right? Eff you, Rachel, you idiot. I can understand going after another alliance, but you can’t be mad at the mere existence of one! Are the newbies supposed to just roll over and die in your awesome Veteran presence? Gross.

Brendon gets all riled up about Dani trying to “raise an army on the other side of the house,” which is not even what is happening. These people are insane! And then Brendon tells Jeff what is happening despite the fact that Brenchel entertained the idea of backdooring Jeff.

Veto Ceremony

Brendon chooses not to use the POV and I think Dominic’s days are numbered. He and Daniele played that all wrong. I have to agree with Rachel that Daniele showed her cards way too soon.

What do you think this new twist is on Thursday? We already know the pairs are done, it’s Top 10. Hmm.

What do you think, hamster fans? Interestingly, none of the crazy fights that happened after Brendon told Daniele he wasn’t going to use the Veto were aired. They kind of continued after the POV ceremony, so perhaps they’ll air next time.

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