danikaliaporsche 'Big Brother 13': Double eviction has so much action and drama!It’s double eviction night in the “Big Brother 13” house! Exciting. A whole week’s worth of “Big Brother” in 60 minutes. Love it.

So following the Power of Veto ceremony, Jeff is pretty confident Daniele is going home. But Daniele starts working on Shelly and Adam. Daniele says if Shelly keeps her, she will never nominate Shelly ever. Wow.

Shelly goes to Adam and works on him by saying that neither of them can beat Jeff and Jordan unless they can split them up. She thinks the two of them should work a deal with Dani instead. But Adam isn’t sure and he’s still pretty starstruck by Jeff and Jordan. Definitely a mancrush happening there.

Suddenly, a new ess-shaped game with a ball on it shows up in the backyard, so everybody starts practicing on that. Meanwhile, Shelly thinks she can’t get Adam’s vote, so she starts working Rachel to keep Dani.

Shelly’s awesome ploy is telling Rachel how Jeff through the bean bags POV to Adam so he could take himself off. It’s brilliant, because Rachel blames that for Brendon’s being sent home and says that Jeff is only looking out for Jeff (which – duh, of course he is) but it’s a brilliant button to push on Shelly’s part.

Dani jumps on her chance, telling Rachel if they keep Kalia, J&J are going to win the game. “Then comes a glimmer of hope in red extensions and furry boots.” Heee.

Eviction Time

Daniele’s last-minute speech is delightful. She must know she’s going out because she’s dressed way too fancy for a competition that the others are clearly dressed for, plus she really stuck it to Jeff and Jordan in her speech.

The votes go Jordan for Daniele, Porsche for Kalia, Shelly for Kalia, Rachel for Daniele and Adam for … Daniele. Bummer. I really thought Rachel might step it up and keep her. Her smug, self-righteous vote and goodbye message are gross. Rachel is disgusting.

Live HOH Competition

The questions are before/after. It comes down to Kalia vs Jordan and Kalia pulls it out!!! Ooh, I clapped and squealed, that was awesome. Sorry, but I love to see the underdogs do something and I definitely think Porsche/Shelly/Kalia are the underdogs. Jeff/Jordan/Rachel are NOT happy about this turn of events.

Nominations and Power of Veto time

Kalia nominates Jeff and Rachel. Excellent. The POV involves searching through a ball pit for clown shoes. They have to find two yellow ones and put them in a shoe box, then retrieve their veto symbol and buzz in. Can only return one shoe at a time. Jordan is sitting out, they must’ve drawn for players during the break.

It’s neck and neck, though Jeff appears to have tossed one of his shoes out of his pit, it’s lying off to the side. Whoops. Then Porsche finds her second shoe, gets her POV and rings into win! Exciting!

Jeff POV speech is much nicer than Rachel’s, he’s just a very likable guy, which to me says they need to get him out if they want to win. Who knows what magic power America might give to him next? Jordan looks on the verge of tears.

Eviction Time Part II

As they come back from the break, Jeff is campaigning hard to get Shelly’s vote. Man, I don’t think I would keep Jeff if I were any of them. Jordan votes for Rachel (obviously), Porsche votes for Jeff, Adam votes for Rachel and Shelly votes to evict Jeff, so it’s a 2-2 tie.

Kalia gets the tiebreaker and she votes to evict Jeff. He hugs everybody, but he seems to say something not very nice to Shelly and Kalia. Let’s not get crazy, dude. It’s a game and you’re just mad it didn’t go your way. Jordan and Rachel cry in the kitchen about how they have nobody on their side. Oh, boo hoo. So the other side finally stepped up! That’s how it goes. If the newbies had stepped up from the beginning, you guys would be toast because they had the numbers.

In his eviction interview, he complains about people who slept all summer finally waking up and winning some competitions and they didn’t have a sack and he’s a man and he went down with his ship and blah blah blah testosteroney (the real San Francisco treat).

So that’s it for tonight. We would guess there will be an HOH competition tonight on the feeds, so check back with Zap2it or sign up for the live feeds%name 'Big Brother 13': Double eviction has so much action and drama! to keep tabs on the next HOH competition. If it’s not tonight, tomorrow for sure.

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