kalia daniele yellow big brother 13 'Big Brother 13': Kalia is crumbling under the pressureGaming is afoot in the “Big Brother 13” house and Kalia as HOH is feeling the brunt of it. We are about to discuss live feed shenanigans, so don’t keep reading if you don’t want to be spoiled. Also remember – it’s not too late to sign up for the live feeds%name 'Big Brother 13': Kalia is crumbling under the pressure.

So Kalia nominated Jeff and Rachel for eviction and as we saw in last night’s episodes (and all over the feeds), they are not happy about it. But Jeff won the Power of Veto and is of course going to save himself. Kalia, who is reticent to go back on her word and nominate Jordan, is not sure who to nominate. And the Vets are working her hard.

Shelly is the one doing the dirty work, because Kalia likes Shelly and doesn’t know how deep in J&J’s pocket she is. She is convincing Kalia to work with the Vets to keep Rachel. Rachel! The targeted person who also might get to come back. And Kalia is acting like she’s going for it.

When Kalia brought the idea to Daniele, Daniele understandably lost her freakin’ mind. Rachel is a huge competitor. Like her or not, she wins things all the time and (as we all saw for four week) when the Vets are in power, the newbies just get picked off one-by-one because they’re afraid to go against the Vets despite having the numbers to beat them.

This is the newbies chance and Kalia is thinking about throwing it all away. She thinks she should nominate Porsche and everyone will vote for her to go home, then she and Dani will gain allies in Jeff, Jordan and Rachel. Except – not in a million years, Kalia. Smarten up! They will turn on you so fast.

I mean, it’s great game play on the part of Shelly and the Vets (that should be a band name!) and it’s been fun to watch on the feeds, but good lord, Kalia.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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