jordanrachel 0 'Big Brother 13': Live feed, Head of Household competition updatesYou think the drama ended when the live “Big Brother 13” show went off the air? Nope. We’ll have all the updates for you tonight and what should be a new Head of Household. If you dont’ want to follow along here, sign up for the live feeds%name 'Big Brother 13': Live feed, Head of Household competition updates. Tonight’s going to be awesome.

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10:05 p.m. – Jordan starts screaming at Shelly. Straight up screaming. Rachel has to drag her away to the pink and yellow bedroom, where she cries and calls Shelly a b**** and says they are dead meat. Rachel is the one talking Jordan down off the ledge, which is new.

10:13 p.m. – Meanwhile, Kalia and Adam talk in the Fortune Teller room about how they align right now. Kalia is trying to get him with her, Shelly and Porsche.

10:23 p.m. – Kalia fills Porsche and Shelly in on Jeff’s homophobic rant against Dumbledore from earlier this season (I’m not sure how it came up). But the feeds cut away until she’s done talking about it.

10:30 p.m. – Rachel and Jordan are having a pity party. It’s hard to have much sympathy because A) Rachel is kind of a horrible person who brings people’s behavior towards her on herself and B) Jordan already won the money her season.

10:36 p.m. – Rachel snaps at Shelly that she and Jordan are defeated and then starts demanding they give her her stuffed dog back. She’s half-yelling, “You guys are winning! I’m going home next. Give me the dog. My mom gave that to me! You’re 41 years old, this is not even a game thing anymore. I just want my dog!”

10:40 p.m. – I think Shelly gave the dog back, I’m not sure. So since she has nothing to yell about, Rachel goes back to crying in the purple and yellow bedroom with Jordan. Rachel, “They’re sooo proud of themselves.” (Well yes, because they beat you guys, who dominated the game for the first five weeks.)

10:42 p.m. – There is apparently some hidden wine in the purple and yellow room. Rachel and Jordan think about drinking it now, but Jordan says they should wait until after the HOH competition.

10:44 p.m.
– Rachel sarcastically asks if America can vote for the winner, then Jordan says, “Can we please get a coup d’etat?” (I wonder if she knows that’s like the main reason she and Jeff made it so far their season.)

10:57 p.m.
– The Newbies are hanging in the Fortune Teller room and Jordan and Rachel are still having their pity party. Jordan laments that she only came back because Jeff wanted to and that she never expected to win. (Well, then, why are you crying now?)

**The feeds have gotten pretty boring, we’re going to take a break until the HOH comp**

12:31 a.m.
– Porsche is the new Head of Household. Sorry, Jordan and Rachel.

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