couchgroup 'Big Brother 13': Start playing like an all starWe’ve got a special eviction episode of “Big Brother 13” Wednesday night (Sept. 7), plus we get to see Shelly and Jeff meet up at the Jury House. Fun stuff.

When Julie welcomes us, she says “against all odds” the Veterans are back in power. Well, not against ALL odds. CBS did everything they could with an assist from Porsche’s curiosity.

Power of Veto Competition

A fake shark gives them clues, they search through pies and have to bring back to the right one. If they are wrong or last, they’re out. The eliminees go Jordan, Rachel, Kalia and finally Porsche. So Adam wins, which if Adam weren’t a giant wussy-with-another-letter, would actually make this week interesting.

After Kalia gets eliminated, she starts crying. Which is a little dramatic, but she knows she’s the target and she knows she needed to win this. Rachel snots in the DR, “Cry me a river, I can hear the violins playing.” Oh, says the girl who ran off into the bushes to cry.

After Adam wins, Rachel and Jordan jump up and down – are they really that confident he won’t use it so Jordan won’t go up?

Jury House

Shelly shows up and everybody is decently nice to her at first, but then Jeff quickly starts in on attacking her. He’s an Alpha male who is mad he got played and he doesn’t really know how to let go of that.

The Power of Veto Ceremony

Kalia is still crying, which is kinda weird, but she does point out that Adam will never use the POV because he never makes a big move in this game. She’s 100% right. If Adam wins, he will be the most pathetic “BB” winner in history.

Kalia makes a fantastic argument to Adam to use the POV on Porsche. She plays on his love of the game by saying fans love a big move. She tells him there’s no chance in hell Rachel or Jordan takes him over each other to the Final 2. She tells him the newbies got to get to Top 3 and battle it out. But you can tell he’s going to punk out.

And then he does. So that’s that. And to the surprise of no one, Kalia is voted out 2-1. Jordan votes to evict Porsche, Adam votes for Kalia and Rachel breaks the tie.

The HOH Competition

Creepy, creepy, creepy. The Fortune Teller woke up earlier in the week and told them “fortunes” all night about the evicted houseguests, which have to do with the next HOH competition. 

Adam goes a perfect 6-for-6 on the questions and wins HOH. So, will he finally team up with Porsche, knowing he has no shot at the Final 2 with Jordan/Rachel?

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