rachel adam porsche big brother 13 'Big Brother 13': The Final 3 revealedWe’re down to two newbies vs. two vets on “Big Brother 13.” With Adam in power, he’s the only one guaranteed to be in the Final 3. Who will be there with him?

Post-HOH Comp

So at this point, I’m really rooting for Porsche, which if you had told me back when I met them all at press day would be the case … knock me over with a feather. Jordan already won, Adam sucks and Rachel is just too yucky for me to root for her no matter how many comps she’s won.

I love how excited and happy all the girls genuinely are for Adam, that’s nice to see. They know it really doesn’t matter that much who he nominates, it’s all about POV this week, so they can afford to just be happy.

But later, the Final 3 talk starts and Adam is a terrible liar – Jordan and Rachel can tell he might take Porsche, which they are not happy about. But Jordan also bristles at the prospect of being nominated – um, don’t you know it makes absolutely no difference this week? Whoever wins POV has all the power. Adam won the most pointless HOH of the entire season.

Jordan is also mad about Porsche “batting her eye lashes” and whatnot, like Jordan didn’t use her feminine charms on Adam too. He’s starstruck by her and Jordan and she used it all season. I also don’t think they “got” Adam where he is – they just didn’t care enough about him to target him. That’s not exactly the same thing. Also, stop saying “fustrated.”


Rachel is the only one safe. Adam says he and Rachel have both won POV and taken themselves off and neither Jordan nor Porsche have done that. That’s a fair reason, since it doesn’t actually matter.

Power of Veto

The Jukebox Veto involves matching blocks with two names showing to two criteria that are lined up. Each of ten blocks has four names on it, however. Porsche cleverly creates her stack next to the pole so she doesn’t have to take them all off if she gets one wrong. She gets them wrong on her first try buzzing in, but eventually figures out which one is off and wins the POV. Nice.

Rachel cries about doing it for Brendon in the DR, while Jordan just kind of accepts that she’s probably going home. Out in the house, Jordan bucks up Rachel and says she (Jordan) deserves to leave because she hasn’t won anything (also, I will add, because you already won once).

Jordan also assures her if she makes the Final 2, she’ll win. And yeah, she probably will. She only has to get one vote outside of her alliance. So Porsche and Adam would be monumentally stupid to take her to the Final 2.

Power of Veto Meeting

Porsche uses the POV, which puts Rachel up. Then Porsche votes to evict Jordan. I think that’s a mistake. Jordan is well-liked, but she hasn’t won hardly anything all summer (her HOH was thrown her way) and she already won the game, so I think it’s easy to sway the jury away from her (though both girls probably have their alliance’s 3 votes either way, so maybe it’s no big deal).

I just think that fourth vote outside the alliance is an easier argument for Rachel to make than Jordan.

So, who will be the final HOH? We’ll keep you posted at another post here for the first round, but you can still sign up for the live feeds to find out for yourself.

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