kalia lawon daniele big brother 13 'Big Brother 13': The Power of Veto   did Kalia have to nominate someone else?The latest Power of Veto ceremony has taken place in the “Big Brother 13” house. Keep reading for live feed spoilers – or  sign up for the live feeds%name 'Big Brother 13': The Power of Veto   did Kalia have to nominate someone else? yourself and follow all the action live.

So Jeff and Rachel are on the block and as we told you earlier today, Kalia has seemed to be giving serious thought to “aligning” with Jeff, Jordan and Rachel, putting Porsche up when Jeff uses the Power of Veto on himself and then helping Rachel stay. She is under the delusion that they will not turn on her, though Daniele has been trying to talk some sense into her.

The POV ceremony rolled around, however, and Jeff did use the POV on himself, but Kalia did not nominate Porsche like they wanted her to. She nominated Lawon in Jeff’s place, so now Lawon and Rachel are on the block.

On the live feeds, Lawon is stomping around the house acting like he didn’t know and like he’s really mad, but we know it’s an act and he really isn’t fooling anyone. He volunteered to Kalia to go up on the block, plus he’s a terrible actor.

We’re trying to figure out the votes –  there are nine people left and three don’t vote (Kalia, Lawon and Rachel). So Jeff and Jordan will vote to keep Rachel. Dani will vote to keep Lawon. Adam, Shelly and Porsche are kind of wild cards. Porsche has been in Rachel’s pocket, but just recently she’s been getting really sick of Rachel’s crap and seems to have aligned with Dani and Kalia.

Shelly has been tight with J&J, so she’ll probably vote to keep Rachel. If Adam mans up and votes to keep Lawon instead of folding to the Veterans pressure, it’ll be 3-3 and Kalia can send Rachel packing.

What do you think, hamster fans?

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