adam kalia big brother 13 'Big Brother 13': The Veterans scramble as the power shiftsWhen we last left the “Big Brother 13” hamsters, Kalia was the first newbie to win Head of Household. So would she stick with Daniele’s plan to target the Veterans? Turns out – yes. Also, the feeds have been great this week – it’s not too late to sign up for the live feeds%name 'Big Brother 13': The Veterans scramble as the power shifts.


Kalia, looking super pretty in pink in the DR, is really pumped about winning and Dani is really happy with her “protege.” Meanwhile, Rachel is lamenting that the worst person won – one of the people who was “mean to [them] all summer.” Oh, poor Rachel, the victim – and guess what, she goes into the Asylum Room and just cries and cries.

Jeff and Jordan are mad at Porsche for putting Shelly and Jeff against each other in the HOH comp and it’s hard to tell if it really was a nervous brainfart or if it was a calculated move. I like to think calculated disguised as a dumb blonde moment.

Jeff and Jordan are trying to buck Rachel up by talking about how whoever goes home this week gets to come back, so they aren’t worried about not winning HOH. Well, not exactly.

Daniele gives Kalia advice about how people will come up to her HOH room and she should not show her cards, she should just sit there and listen and go, “Um-hm, um-hm, um-hm.” And she immediately gets to put that to the test when Rachel wanders up. And this gets a few moments of airtime during the show, but on the live feeds? Rachel was in there for like hours.

Shelly and Kalia bond over talking about their lives – you know, if everybody isn’t careful, Shelly is going to bond her way to $500,000. She is extremely well-liked in the house (and having met her at the press day, we can’t say we’re surprised. We loved her too).

Have-Not Comp

The backyard is the BB Lounge with tons of martini glasses. The two teams of 4 (Adam, Lawon, Dani and Porsche vs. Shelly, Jordan, Jeff and Rachel) send one person to the mixing station, where that person will blend three ingredients with milk and serve to the opponents. The two mixers face off and whoever can name more ingredients wins. If they are tied, the winner will be whoever chugs their concoction faster. Yikes. And also – awesome. Each team is only going three times, so one person doesn’t have to do it. Well, that’s not fair. Everybody should have to, with a tie-breaker if it’s 2-2.

Jeff vs Lawon – Jeff mixes apple sauce, gorgonzola cheese, scrambled eggs. Lawon mixes corned beef hash, creamed corn and potato chips. Jeff correctly guesses creamed corn and corned beef hash. Lawon correctly guesses scrambled eggs and gorgonzola cheese, so it’s chuggin’ time! Jeff wins and Lawon spills a lot of his down his front, which is totally cheating.

Next it’s Shelly vs. Porsche. Shelly mixes beets, dill pickles and jalapenos. Porsche mixes carrots, yams and onions. Shelly correctly guesses only carrots. Porsche correctly guesses beets and dill pickles, so it’s 1-1.

Final round is Dani vs. Jordan. Dani mixes apple sauce, horseradish and sauerkraut. Jordan mixes spray cheese, liverwurst and creamed corn. Jordan correctly guesses only horseradish, while Dani correctly guesses only liverwurst. So it’s chuggin’ time! Dani smokes Jordan, so the Vets plus Shelly are Have-Nots.

The America’s vote is Catfish and Coconuts, which is not bad at all. Catfish is delicious. But the loss sends Jordan crying about losing for her team, plus she’s all upset that nobody is playing the game but Jeff, Jordan and Rachel. Well – you guys are the only ones who have won anything and if my alliance wasn’t in power, I’d lay low in the middle too.


Shelly makes a play at Kalia with a trio of herself, Kalia and Dani, then turns around in the DR and says she wants to go to the end with Jordan and Jeff, but would “be remiss” not to have something else cooking. Damn, she is slick.

Kalia then talks to Jeff and Jordan about wanting to put him up against Rachel because she wants him to play for Power of Veto. They do not love the idea and Jeff thinks she’s lying, while Jordan cautions her because if Jeff stays, he’s coming after her and if Rachel gets to come back, that’s two people targeting Kalia. Well, yes, but you don’t know for sure Rachel is coming back. Jordan says there are “deadweight” people she could put up and if they come back, who cares? Jeff starts yelling and says that Kalia will now be his no. 1 target. He also says there are people floating around the house and he “doesn’t deserve” to go on the block.

What does that even mean? “Deserve”? How does someone deserve to go on the block? And as the two strongest Veterans left, Rachel and Jeff would absolutely be my targets too. He’s just mad because the Vets aren’t in power anymore. That’s the way the cookie crumbles, dude. To paraphrase Leo McGarry, “Being in power means everybody else can take a seat for a week.”

After Jeff basically losing his mind on Kalia, she wonders if she’s making the right decision. While Jordan DRs that she feels like she, Jeff and Rachel will be targets until they are gone – um, no kidding. You’re veterans of the game, you’re strong players. Hello?! Of course you’re targets!

While she puts the keys in the box, Kalia does at least say she doesn’t want to be bullied into changing her mind, so good for her. And then she nominates Rachel and Jeff, good for her.  (Sorry, this previously said “Rachel and Jordan,” which was just a brainfart.)

There was also a kerfuffle with Rachel being 7 years old and sitting extra close to Dani and then acting all, “Not touching, can’t get mad. Not touching, can’t get mad.” She is a lunatic. Also, her mustache is showing. And Jordan also tries to make a snarky, biting comment during nominations, but just comes off as being a poor loser. C’mon, guys. This is a game and you lost the power. Suck it up, you whiny babies.

Don’t forget to sign up for the live feeds%name 'Big Brother 13': The Veterans scramble as the power shifts, which have gotten really good since Brendon left.

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