shelly kalia daniele big brother 13 'Big Brother 13': Who has the votes to stay this week?This includes updates from the “Big Brother 13” live feeds that haven’t aired yet, so don’t keep reading if you don’t want to be spoiled. Also – it’s not too late to sign up for the live feeds%name 'Big Brother 13': Who has the votes to stay this week? – there’s probably an endurance HOH on the horizon soon.

Daniele won HOH again and nominated Shelly and Adam, which we all knew. After Adam won the Power of Veto and took himself off, Daniele nominated Brendon in his place, putting Jeff and Jordan in a stick spot.

Brendon obviously has Rachel’s vote to stay and Shelly (I believe) has Porche and Kalia because they’re with Dani and she wants Brendon out. That leaves Adam and J&J. Will Adam stick with Shelly? They’ve been kind of aligned newbies so far. He also has to know he’s low man on the totem pole with the Veterans.

But Jeff and Jordan are trickier. Do they keep their Vets alliance together? At some point, they have to break up Brendon and Rachel and they may not get another chance. Plus, I think even though Shelly is playing both sides of the house, she is only actually loyal to Jeff and Jordan. I think she’s a little star-struck by them and they would be foolish to get rid of her because she’ll do whatever they want her to do.

However, on the live feeds, Jeff and Jordan seem to be helping Brendon rally Adam’s vote for Brendon to stay. They say they’ll only vote that way if Adam does, because they don’t want a 3-3 tie. Huh.

What do you think, “Big Brother” fans?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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