rachel brendon wedding bb 13 'Big Brother 13' winner Rachel: 'I was shocked by Adam's vote'Rachel Reilly took home the “Big Brother 13” crown by a 4-3 vote. She tells Zap2it she was surprised by Adam’s vote and she can’t wait to start planning her dream wedding.

What’s it been like since you won?

“Literally non-stop craziness all night long. It’s a dream, everything is so surreal. I could never imagine this would happen. I feel like I’m just dreaming.”

Aside from winning, which is obviously awesome, was the experience everything you hoped it would be?

“Oh my gosh, it was so crazy. This summer was such a roller coaster ride for me. I was nominated more than anyone, I was on the block five times, I won more competitions than anyone. I think I went into it thinking I’m going to be Rachel from Season 12, as far as being a competitor, but I’m going to work on my social game. I really wanted to show America I could play all aspects of the game. It was definitely everything I hoped it would be and more. Last summer, I didn’t have any allies, I didn’t have anyone. This summer I had an alliance, I was maing deals, I had to work on my social game and I think I really evolved as a ‘Big Brother’ player.”

Have you thought about the wedding yet?

“Yes, I have a million thoughts about the dream wedding! I don’t know what we’re going to do but I think we’re looking at getting married in December. We might do destination, we might do something local, we have no idea, but we’re so excited. This is such a dream come true. Last summer I met my fiance, this summer I won ‘Big Brother’ and now I can do my dream wedding! It’s such a dream come true. Brendon and I have money now to start our lives now.

When you’re in the final three, I really think your mind just starts racing and thinking about what you can do with the half million. We’re going to pay off student loans for Brendon, we’re going to get a down payment on the home and move somewhere close to campus at UCLA, so we’re hoping to find a condo that we can have and we can start our futures together.”

Did any of the votes surprise you? Were you surprised it was close?

“I was shocked by Adam’s vote. I wasn’t surprised that it was close, I thought it would be 3-3 and Adam would be the tiebreaker, but I was shocked with Adam’s vote. Earlier in the week he came in, he’s a super fan, he said he’s going to base all his decisions on game. I was shocked and hurt a little bit because he told me earlier that I earned it and he would vote for me. He said even if I evicted him, he would understand and vote for me and then he votes for Porsche?!

Porsche really earned her spot in the final two. I wanted to honor our final two deal. When it came down to it I thought I played such a hard game, I think people will vote for me based on my game play and I had enough confidence in how I had played the game that I would be able to take Porsche and still beat her. I took Porsche from 5 to 4, she took me from 4 to 3 and I’m really excited that she got second place.”

So you’ll be friends with Porsche outside the house?

“Yes, definitely. Porsche is a sweet girl. We had our ups and downs, she did turn on me at one point. It was tough because in the beginning, she was my best friend in the game. When Brendon left the first time, I really thought I would have Porsche to rely on but I think it worked out for the better because I think Jordan and I are going to be best friends for years to come. I think our friendship started to really blossom when Brendon left and then Jeff left. We were fighting for our men, we were fighting for each other.”

Would you come back for all-stars?

“I don’t know if I’d get asked back for all-stars, but hey, if I get asked back, ‘Big Brother’ has been good to me, so I better make sure I can come back, I better make sure I can do it. [laughs].”

Any messages to your fans?

“Thank you so much for all the support this summer. T America, thank you for voting Brendon back into the house. I really needed him to come back, I thought I coudn’t do it without Brendon. It was really crazy, but it was tough and I did it! I won! Thank you so much for laughing with me this summer and crying with me and probably loving and hating, everything. The fans are the reason that the show goes on and I just appreciate everything.”

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