rachel brendon wedding bb 13 'Big Brother 13's' Brendon: Rachel is the strongest player in the houseBrendon Villegas was the first veteran evicted from the “Big Brother 13” house. He tells Zap2it in his exit interview that he thinks this second go-round on “Big Brother” strengthened his relationship with Rachel and that Rachel will fight hard without him.

Are you glad you did “Big Brother” again?

“Yeah, of course. It is the chance of a lifetime to come back once more and to get to spend time in the house with Rachel in the place where we first met.”

Do you think it put too much of a strain on your relationship with Rachel?

“No, I think it did exactly what it did last year and has only made our relationship grow stronger and we’ve realize how well we work together even during times of stress and strain.”

Do you think your decision to keep Rachel in the game will pan out, or is she too emotional to keep her head on straight and play without you?

“I absolutely do because whether or not she make it to the finish, I know she is going to fight very hard and it will help her prove it to herself that she can do it without me.”

Is there anything you would differently about your game play?

“I have wondered if Rachel and I hadn’t won an HOH in week one or week three, and won the POV to save ourselves if we might have been a little less of a target in the game.”

Who do you think is the strongest player right now in the house?

“I think its Rachel, hands down.”

Who is the weakest player?


Do you think the newbies have a chance against the Vets with you gone now?

I absolutely do just for the fact that Daniele is fighting against the vets and controlling the newbies.

Any messages to your fans?

“Thank you for all of the support this year and last year. Rachel and I wouldn’t be as strong if we didn’t know that people out there are supporting us as we are fighting in the house.”

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